Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Comedy Central 167 is concerned about free speech

I love when the far left whine about free speech. This blog has never deleted a comment nor have we barred any posters. We practice free speech each and every day at this blog. Last I checked every blog I link to has the exact same policy.

167 is concerned that a fellow Communist anti semite has had her right to free speech taken away. What famous blogger has banned posters from his site. What poster has also spoken in favor or a boycot of joooooooos on colleges in the UK. The blatant hypocrisy is amazing.

Lets talk about fantasy based people as he has outposted me on this site by about eight to one. He claims not to read this blog but quotes it all the time. He even goes on Citzcom looking for Beakerkin quotes. Can we say obsessed ? Admitedly I use 167 as the best illustration of the rampant anti semitism on the left and blatant stupidity.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Why do you call him 167?

beakerkin said...

He is fond of boasting of his mythical IQ. He then makes a seies of goofs that are amusing such as Palestinians are not Arabs. The PLO charter says other wise in explicit terms .

He is an educational device at best.

Warren said...

Actually, I would say he is a mechanical sexual device.

Craigy B said...

I count one set of "qoutes" in the last month, as against your several mentions of him ever single week; so yes, we can safely say that you are obsessed, a lira and a damn hypocrite.

What we can't say about you is that you quote, because you don't. You simply post twisted paraphrases that bear no resemblance at all to what he actually says.

When people ask you for a link to his blog, so they can check for themselves, you don't even post a working link, because you are too scared that they will see what a deranged liar and fool you are.

*cue the usual abuse from Beakerkin, Warren and all the other defective racist retards here*

beakerkin said...

People have visited the brain impaired blog and disagree. Feel free to discuss the opinions of Always Sourced , Jason Papas etc neither of whom is jooooooish. They have come to a similar opinion of the brain impaired one. Speaking of typos is your attempt at calling me a liar a Fruedian slip calling me a Lira. Lets see Joooos are greedy ......

The facts remain nobody has ever been censored here. I have no need to I back my words. 167 is a communist anti semites and his next intelligent thought will be his first.

FYI I have posted quotes but he cries about context make up your mind simpleton.

Craigy B said...

You are the one mentioning Jews, you paranoid old shitbag.

As for the "communist and anti semite", so says you; but you are Nazi, so who would believe your estimation of anything, especially as you have never show any credible proof.

beakerkin said...

Lets see calling Joooooos Nazis that isn't very original. Then again you are an ignorant little toady. Many of my readers have been to the folk tale bigoted sourceless blog and have the same opinion. Cry me a river comrade and keep on illustrating my point about Joooooo obsessed Commie morons.

Shitbag how original.Notice you still have not been censored. Your hypocrisy has been illustrated. I have allowed 100% personsal pointless attacks but Comrade Recididooofus will not allow any serious dissent. Chew on that toady and slink back to your master. Can you say my precious ?