Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hijacked By Al Gore

Regular readers of this blog do not be alarmed. I am using the readership of this blo to promote my new network that nobody watches.

Our first show is Libertarians gone Wild. Watch as lLibertarians demand rich art patrons pay for their own opera tickets. Cringe as they demand college Professors work fourty hour work weeks. Be afraid as they demand productivity and innitiative from Government workers. Watch them try to destroy the planet by eliminating gas taxes.

Be afraid the Libertarians are out there.

Then we have our new Reality show called Revolting America. Watch three Communist Anti Semites that a trip around America . The three visionaries are Ducky , 167, and 147. Wintermute did not make the cut as even Commies have to be reality based. Watch as 167 finds common ground with the KKK .

" Well we both agree that you live in a Jooooo controlled country with a joooooish er zionist media. However you positions on blacks and gays......"

Watch Ducky explain the wonders of Casto in Miami as people arive in inner tubes fleeing the workers paradise.

" Don't you know you are fleeing a land with great health care and education. Get back on those inner tubes and head back you ingrates."

Watch as 147 goes to Brighton Beach and explains to Soviet Jooooos that they are all liars and were never persecuted.

As our goal is to change the world we have childrens cartoons too.

" Adolescent Neo Marxist Sexualy Perveted Worms from Berkley" Meet the fab four named after our greatest minds Marx , Chomsky , Castro and the comedian Moore."

We also have a Soap for Daytime. Higher Times at Hiher Ed where faculty and students light up , play naked twister, everyone gets an A except for some White male named Beamish.

Now back to the mediocrity called the Beak Speaks. Patriotism is so passe.


Anonymous said...

I think I'll watch "Libertarians Gone Wild"... anybody catch Charles Murray's latest piece over at neocon central? He's finally decided to weight in on the Larry Summers controversy (six months too late, but at least he brought the correct change). I guess Chuck needed to boost his residuals from "The Bell Curve". Do libertarians wear watches? Or is time a concept that is oo repressive in their eyes, that it needs to be ignored?

The Inequality Taboo


Always On Watch said...

Back in my college days, I knew several who had fled Castro's regime. The tales they told were hair-raising.

Any defense of Castro is an exercise in illogic.

I wonder if Hugo Chavez will become Castro's ideological successor for Latin America?

beakerkin said...

I would like to see Libertarians gone wild myself. Those guys scare the hell out of Liberals.

Always Ducky is an anti semitic Castro phile. Great medical and educational country with no freedom
or markets that deliver goods.

Warren said...

Libertarians range from the practical to the ideological.

A good example would be the illegal drug question. The thinking goes anywhere from, the government has no right to tell me what to do with my life, its a victimless crime, to, its a self-correcting problem, prohibitions do not work.

So we trend to argue with each other over, "the whichness of why". We argue with each other over everything except lunch, then we argue about what to eat.

I don't wear a watch.

Always On Watch said...

You've summed up Cuba quite well.

beakerkin said...

Warren Commies are terrified of libertarians. They know that they are serious about drying up the pork

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