Saturday, August 20, 2005

Summer Reading

I am always amused when the left describes me as illiterate. The truth is you can find me with piles of books reading away.

I am waiting for Sword of the prophet by Trifkovik and Robert Spencers politcaly incorrect guide to the Crusades. I have picked up books by Sowell , Radosh and finnished Horrowitz latest effort.

I am halfway through the myth of Islamic tolerance. Bat Yeor wrote the majority of articles and is thought provoking. Her style is not for the casual reader. It is best to read a couple of pages think about it and let it sink in.

I would be long finished with that excellent book but Stolen Valor by Burkett is riveting . I read the chapter about fake POW and the damage they do. The chapter was brilliant. The stories of real POWs like McCain and Stockdale spawned a host of wannabes.

I read the first two chapters or Irsad Manjis the trouble with Islam all are excellent reading.


Always On Watch said...

I suspect that what the left doesn't like is your CHOICE of reading material.

I've been reading Spencer's "Guide." I'm not finding much new material, but I like the way the book is organized. Also, the index in Spencer's book is more user-friendly than the index in Trifkovic's.

Happy reading, Beak!

Mr. Ducky said...

Wanna bet you won't be reading the Iraqi constitution any time soon.

President Chimperella seems to have screwed the pooch.

Esther said...

I just found Golda Meir's My Life. I'm very excited to start that but I have to finish a couple of others first.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

Has anyone got a tally of Mr. Ducky predictions that haven't panned out?

Of course, I wouldn't be a courteous critic if I didn't prognosticate myself.

I predict Mr. Ducky will say something stupid in response.

Warren said...

Yea, Ducky 'is' a regular Nostradumbass.

Mr. Ducky said...

Haven't panned out?


The Guardian has a fine story on the emergence of the Taliban in western iraq.

All oil shipments from Iraq are cut. Seems the insurgents found a single chokepoint that could cripple the south. Saudis are going to absolutely love this news as well as Chimperellas oil buddies.

Iraqi women are indeed going to lose the human rights they had in a relatively secular state with the implementation of sharia.

Iraq seems to be going pretty much according to predictions. The lefts predictions that is.

Where's Chimperella spending his political capital today? Utah? And the mayor of Salt Lake City is calling for demonstrations. Looks like Aryan Nation and end-timers are the only support this ass nugget has left.

beakerkin said...

Duck you need to come up with new material Chimpy is old.

As far as the Taliban in Western Iraq I tend to doubt it . Also the Taliban and Al Queda seem to have had a split in Afghanistan within the last year. The Taliban is largely confined to Afghanistan , Pakistan and parts of Iran.

I would need to see more stories.

Mr. Ducky said...,2763,1553969,00.html

Not technically Taliban, but ultra extremist.
Looks like The Dauphin has screwed the pooch. These guys are worse than Hussein.

Anonymous said...


It ain't how much you read that makes you smart. It's what you read. It's much better to stick to a few GREAT authors than to read 1,000 bad ones.

ps - And pick "authors" from different times. 1-2 Greeks. 1-2 Romans. 1-2 Jews. And if you have time, 1-2 Florentines, 1-2 Englishmen, 1-2 Germans, 1-2 Frenchmen, 1-2 Spaniards, etc.

;-) FJ

beakerkin said...

Farmer John

Unfortunately my reading is narrow lately. Yet I did fit in the always excellent Jared Diamond. I tend to focus on the Cold War and Islamic history. Yet there is a promising book on the French and Indian War. I assure you if I can get my hands on a copy I will read it. However you will never see that topic in the blog. Perhaps that is a mistake as my blog would not be cheapened by a discussion of history or fine art every so often.

Warren said...

Beak, why don't you take a look at Project Gutenberg.

Some 16,000 online texts, many classics. You can download them at your leasure and read them at your convience.

If you are looking for used, hard to find, out of print or rare books, (reasonably priced) try Alibris Books. I've found some pretty rare books there some of them were dirt cheap.