Monday, August 29, 2005

Scooter Humiliates Beak at the State Fair

The Beak has never been to a State Fair but Scooer dragged me along . The food was expensive but good. Scooter was embarassed when I called out for A-1 at the livestock expo. You have a good future as a Rib Eye.

Well Scooter had to get gifts for the kids. Naturaly he picks out a Sponge Bob stuffed Animal and guess who has to carry it. It is impossible to be a NYC tough guy and carry a Sponge Bob. To make matters worse he also gets the cotton candy and can we say tourist geek. How is a NYC person supposed to be macho carrying a Sponge Bob.

When we got home we found out our mutual friend's son got shot in the hand in Iraq.
Hopefully, he will recover soon and either come home or rejoin his unit. It does put the Sponge Bob idiocy into perspective.


Warren said...

A little lesson in humility?

I have them quite often. You should see the looks I get when I buy feminine hygiene products for my wife!

Always On Watch said...

Years ago, my husband and I spent over $100 at a county fair's arcades, in a futile attempt to win a little TV set. We could, of course, have bought a TV for that amount. Stupidity!

Do rural fairs still have freak shows? Used to, but such shows are now forbidden in some areas, I think.

Sorry to hear about your friend's son's injury. Hand wounds can be very painful--or so I've heard.

Anonymous said...

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drummaster2001 said...


did you see the commercial for Dr. Pepper when the guy has to buy tampons for his daughter and then they call for a price check on it?


"Do rural fairs still have freak shows?"

i am not sure, although in Coney Island they have something completely dedicated to the freak show. it was pretty entertaining actually, especially after the Cyclone and Nathan's dogs.

Anonymous said...

Humilated? A tough guy carrying Sponge Bob? You were probably every kid at the Fair's hero!


beakerkin said...

Warren it was amazing I didn't even talk and people came over and asked if I was from NYC. The people swear they can tell it from my walk and manerisms.

They had a freak show at the fair.
However some of the uncultured local youth would be creepier.

Warren said...

Beak, I'll swear, you musta got plunked down plum in the middle of a burg even smaller than the one I live in!

You haven't tried to sell anybody a bridge.... have you?


Yes, I saw the comercial. My wife saw it and started laughing, then she said, "Has that happened to you yet?"

One day, I'm going to unload her gun while she's sleeping and I'll make faces at her while she's pulling the trigger!


drummaster2001 said...


LMAO! that is a great prank. classic, but great.

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