Thursday, August 18, 2005

Moderate Priorities

Most experienced readers know that I am a moderate. The question is often asked why am I so hard on the far left and ignore the far right . The answer is found in my Judaic roots we have traditions , the far lefts tradition is SEDITION.

Our country and Western Civilization is in a fight for survival. The far left has actrd as the enablers of Muslim terror. It was okay as lomg as Jooooos, Hindoooooos and some Black Christians were being butchered. However now the chickens are home to roost and our own cities have been attacked.

What did the far left do in this crisis. Their reaction was to scream why do they hate us it must be our fault if only we didn't suport the Joooos. The far left started a range of conspiracy theories.

Message for Johny Jihad and Comrade Carl

I am an American and you will never intimidate me. You will not pass judgement on my countries history in light of the failures of your own. Freedom and Capitalism are my birth rights and I will fight anyone who lifts a finger against my country.

Yes this is my country and you will never be a part of it . The radical left is like a parasite attacking the host from the iside. Johny Jihad is like skin cancer attacking from the outside.

When the far left blames America pull out the black book read their legacy. When Johny Jihad tells you how evil America is tell him to get out and find a better country.

Freedom is to be cherished and lived and fought for at times . Utopianism ultimately
leads to totalitarianism and death.


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Always On Watch said...

Here's a real comment...

You have concisely summed up why we need to be hard on the far left:

"Our country and Western Civilization is in a fight for survival. The far left has actrd as the enablers of Muslim terror....Utopianism ultimately
leads to totalitarianism and death."

bum from jersey said...

Wow. Your blogged has been spammed. Is the 167 responsible? lol. Anyway, I wanted to respond to your entry but at the same time pose a question. You say we are in the fight for our lives and I agree but disagree with that statement.

I haven't visited the entire world but in my opinion the United States is the greatest country on earth and is the top country in the world. When 9/11, WTC 93, the Oklahoma City bombing happened I was saddened and angered but when I calmed down I wasn't suprised that it happened (before you label me as a Blame America "American" please read on first :)).

When you are on top you are always envied by those who are beneath you. Some are jealous and of those who are some feel the only way to equal the playing field is to attack those on top. When I think of the more notable terrorist acts that have happened against the United States it just reminds me of those who are jealous and want to threaten the way we live because "we are on top."

I remember an essay by Arthur Schlesinger I read in high school and one of the points he brought up was that history is cyclic. The same events do not happen over and over but the same trends happen repeatedly throughout history. I don't think the United States is neccasarily in the fight of their lives or at least it doesn't have to be. I see this as just part of the same cycle of those "on the bottom" trying to intimidate those "on the top". I think if our government and fellow Americans can just realize that and that this isn't anything new, we can actually learn from history and help establish our future the way we would like it to be. I think if we look at whats going on as the fight of our lives is correct but its wrong. Yeah, if we don't fight back we could die but at the same time that statement gives off the feeling that we must live in fear of those who want us to live in fear. And to me, as a fan of history, I can't agree with that line of thinking because civilizations that did that in the past eventually fell and I don't want to see our civilization fall especially when I think it can be avoided if we just look back at history.

-sorry if anything doesn't make any sense - its 2am here on the east coast.

beakerkin said...

Spam does occur every now and then and it is irritating. My blog is about ideas and opinions not comercial speech.

These are the only posts I remove . I remove them because they are not a response to a post. They have been mass produced . At one point I was going to change my settings but a loyal reader and friend Farmer John could not post.

Bum from Jersey it is okay to disagree and Blame America label is rarely applied . There is plenty of truth about a cyclical
up and down cycle in history.

Yet we have been attacked and what is the reaction of the far Left Why
do they hate Us. This is part of their whiny internationalist agenda. When around far left types watch your wallet and possesions they have a nasty habit of stealing them.

Jason_Pappas said...

Of course, we are tough on the Far Right. When did Dave Duke sit in the guest-of-honor box at the Republican Convention like Michael Moore did at the Democratic Convention? I’m particularly tough of Lew Rockwell, Gover Norquest, etc. But few people have heard of these clowns.

I think the Republicans have done a good job of separating themselves from the wackos on the far right – that’s why few people know of these far rightwingers. But the Democrats have virtually been taken over by their wackos. And I include John Kerry, who I cannot forgive for his vicious characterization of our country and troops during the Vietnam War. Running a so-called “reformed” Kerry for President is like the Republicans running a “reformed” George Wallace – it wouldn’t happen even if Wallace were alive and became a Republican (and Wallace changed more than Kerry did). Hell, Trent Lott was removed from a position of leadership … how about Byrd?

Warren said...

Quite frankly, many of us believe that the enemy within constitutes a far greater threat than any external enemy.

The democrat party has become the land of the vile and home of the anti-American.

And Jason, it seems to be the mindset of many democrats that party affiliation overrides every other consideration.

Esther said...

Exactly Warren. The enemy within is definitely something bubbling up and dangerous. Our 5th column wants to do us in and we must stop it. You're on the frontlines of that fight, Beak! Keep up the good work!

unaha-closp said...

Is it America that has armed and protected the Saudis as they exported their religion of hatred and violence? Yes.

Is it America who is the closest ally of this most radically Islamofacist state? Yes.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I'm confused, UC. I thought the perennial definition of the problem was that we arm and are allied with Israel.

Must be Monday.

Warren said...

Quite frankly, in the past we weren't that concerned about the Saudis. We armed them but we also sold arms to the Israelis. That helped to keep them from being aligned with the USSR (the Saudis). It also help keep the Saudis from overt action against Israel.

I've pointed out elsewhere that the advanced weapons we have sold the Saudis, must have American parts and American technicians to keep them operational. That puts a damper on the Saudis. Actions against American interests shut down their advanced weapons, shortly.

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