Friday, August 05, 2005

Nixon and the Joooooos

Liberals like to point the finger at President Nixon and call him an anti semite because he used a few slurs. However when the chips were down Nixon resuplied Israel with a big assist from Alexander Haig. The mans actions should speak way louder then some inane slurs.

Incedentaly, there are credible reports that Bill and Hillary used the same terms. The press gives Clinton a pass on everything else , but it is 100% true. Last I checked Nixon did not embrace Arab leaders right after they had a speech claiming joooos poison Arab drinking water.

Actions mean more then words and Nixon was a giant when the Jews needed help.


Anonymous said...

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drummaster2001 said...


Esther said...

Beak, it's widely believed Nixon knew nothing of what Haig did and would've been pretty pissed if he had.

I never did like the kiss-kiss Hillary gave Suha Arafat. That made her dubious in my eyes.

beakerkin said...


Alexander Haig is and always will be a friend to our people. If you ever get e chance to read John Loftus so was Oliver North. Nixon took a far more active role then assumed and there was a recent Front Page Magazine story this week.

bum from jersey said...

ooo, how about this nixon and the clintons are both anti-semites BUT that doesn't change they know their role and how to perform in it. though its not their official title, they are diplomats and must act diplomatically. i am not one to believe to be a racist you must be a racist first and everything else second. nixon was a president first, acted as thus, and maybe a racist second. i only say maybe because i didn't know he had a thing against jewish people. for that matter, i didn't know the clintons did either but if they did i can see them saying one thing but doing another.