Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Mafia, Commies and Historic Islam

I am reading Robert Spencers the myth of Islamic tolerance . I have also read the Black Book of Communism and being a former Garment Center manager in NYC I am aquainted with organized crime. The similarities between the three is startling.

Historic Islam was basicaly a land and money oriented sceeme. Jews, Christians etc were humiliated by a series of Jim Crow laws and ponderous taxes. While Islam likes to talk of the sin of usury it endorses extortion. Pay the Jiyza and Kharaj ( real estate taxes leveled at higher rates on non Muslims ) or else. This sounds exactly like a protection racket 1001. The series of annoying laws were designed to harass Jews and Christians into leaving. Christians and other minorities are departing their indigenous lands as we speak.

Communism was basicaly theft with great PR. The secret police and block patrols perform the same exact function as religious police in Islam. The idea is to supress all individuality and freedom of thought. Muslims do face the probability of death if they convert to another religion. Similarly , Commies have blood vendettas against former members who break ranks like David Horowitz, Ronald Radosh and Stephen Schwartz.

Communism like Jihadism is ruthless and bent on world domination. Both show zero respect for human life. A comparison of either to the mafia is an insult to a well run criminal enterprise. The mafia traditionaly used violence only to serve limited aims. Shooting school kids in the back, Starving peasants are all excersizes in sick vanity.

The next time a good progressive talks about the war on terror remind them of what the progressive solution to the problem was. The good olde Commies put Muslims and other pesky minorities into rail cars and sent them to Siberia where a good portion died. Now the far left wants to point the fingers at the USA , tell them where to go.


Always On Watch said...

Interesting comparison here. Seems that "it's all about" the power and stomping on anyone who gets in the way.

Esther said...

I agree -- great post! I will be sure to tell them where to go, thanks. :)

Jason_Pappas said...

Interesting comparisons.

Once you become a Muslim, there's no turning back. As you know the penalty for leaving Islam is death. And so for the Mafia ...

Tonto said...

great comparison...Communism and Islam...different yet clearly have the same agenda.

unaha-closp said...

The Commies solution worked.

beakerkin said...


The other difference is the mafia is generaly well run evil but rational. Talk to a commie like 167 and you get illucid warped viewpoints.


great to see you. Likewise for Always and Esther.


The Chicoms have an even more devious solution. They pay Muslim men a dowery to wed Chinese women. The men become outcasts but I will try to find the source.