Friday, August 26, 2005

Beak and the Police mystery solved

This is a small community and thus unknown people are rare . Most people know each other for twenty years. Thus my exasperation when someone asks aren't you related to .... My arrival was somewhat like the man with no name in the spaghetti westerns.
I was seen but nobody knew who I was or what I did for a while. I socialized with a small group of people and other then the gas station I have few interactions with the locals.

Apparently , the places I like to read and blog are also frequented by drug dealers. Yet this is not a big deal for any NYC resident especially one who lived by Washington Square. In fact if I felt homesick for NYC sitting in a Park with homeless people and drug dealers would remind one of home , Washington Square.

The local police explained that they are concerned for my safety and want me to do my late night reading and bloging from areas they can see .

Thus the mystery of the local police is solved. I live near a bar known for rowdiness
,have out of state plates and read books and blog from spots that are frequented by drug dealers. On top of it all I am still largely unknown and that unnerves some. Given all of the above I certainly would stop myself in their shoes.

The requests were reasonable and I complied. I am posting this blog from Ciy Hall a spot not known for drug dealing. Police and citizens should work together as it is our job to comply with reasonable requests as they are trying to keep the town safe.
In many ways the town I am in bears more resemblance to the South Bronx then to Forrest Hills. The amount of social disfunction drugs, alcoholism, homelessness and people who haven't worked in years. I guess this is a paradise that never was but the scenery and the clear skies at night are still impressive.


Anonymous said...


And so the police had already made up an "excuse" for you to be hanging around the local pub with books and a computer... Drug Dealer - killing time and waitin' for buyers. I guess it fits.

But I still don't understand how you explain the fact that your trunk is full of fertilzer and cans of diesel fuel...

-FJ ;-)

beakerkin said...

Mountain Dew and Conservative books are in my trunk. I never bring them to work as the PC police are well.

The latest term to offend the PC idiots is Cocanut. A person who made a mental mistake was called a Cocanut imagine how much more upset the PC brigade would get if Zuchinni or Avacado were used. Now Produce is PC and I was the person called a Cocanut. I missed a sentence and I guess guys can't be guys.

Always On Watch said...

So there was a logical explanation of the police's attention to you?

Anonymous said...

Conservative books are highly explosive. Mix 'em with the sugar rush from a Mountain Dew, and who knows what will happen! The conservatives just might take to the streets for a change!


Always On Watch said...

LOL! Sounds like a plan.

drummaster2001 said...

i don't know, something sounds fishy. although what they are asking is reasonable as long as you don't have to do the 'amazing disappearing car' trick.

Esther said...

FJ, you're killin' me. LOL!!!!!!

beakerkin said...

Drummaster they have yet to figure that one out. The Police asked me about it and I justed grinned. However they still can not figure that one out. I did it twice and they were all over looking for my car. When I beat them back into town the engine was cold.

You guys have an imagination I have been in the parking lot with a stack of books and Mountain Dew.

Conservative books and Mountain Dew could be a dangerous combination only if you are a looney leftist. I can se someone in a Greatful Dead T Shirt . Youn there step away from the Black Book of Communism or I'll light up.