Saturday, August 27, 2005

Beaker and Laborday

Readers may be surprised that I am a Union member. I am a member of a Union and was surprised to learn my title is officer Beaker. I was in Canada and the local gaurd smiled and told me.

I still believe National security trumps my social beleifs and thus I will not change my affiliations any time soon. The tolerance and connivance of the Democrats with Communist anti semites is pun intended revolting. I am glad Gov Dean finally said that talk of Jooish cabals and Israel being responsible for the Iraq war is anti semitic. Yet people like 167 have no response to Howard Dean. They pretend he did not say it as they spew more bile and venom at Joooooooooos.

Organized labor is an oxymoron as my pers are great guys but they are not organized or decisive. The focus should be on work conditions and the ass backwards term system. Investigating people for five years for a one year term is wasteful. My coworkers would like better training on issues directly related to what we do.

However I am glad to serve my country in this capacity. I traveled a long road to get here. The work is fun when they do not have me in training. My good friend loves to schedule me in his classes because he thinks I am better then a rubber chicken. In other words you can make jokes at my expense and I laugh it off. The reward for hard work is more training bear that in mind . I prefer just working cases but others prefer to teach.

There is just a romance of the Beak hammering away at never ending files. The cases never get boring but my coworkers have been helpful and are great people with the rarest of exception. My work is a labor of love and duty born out of the nightmare of 9-11.

I just wish people knew that yes there are some who serve out of love of country.
Patriotism and Nationalism aren;t quaint notions I live it each and every day.


Esther said...

Beautiful post, Beak! You do us all proud! Keep up the excellent work!

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

I'm sorry to hear about your membership in a union. Shoving an electric eggbeater up your own ass every paycheck is less painful and more productive.

beakerkin said...

I wish the Union would stick to workplace issues. I would love to have a seminar on issues related to work. This is much more important then dealing with sexist terms like Foul Ball or racist terms like use your cocanut. The cocanu remart was said to a white person me.

Lets see I get stopped by the Police and get lousy service at Dennys . Lets not go there...

Anonymous said...

Great piece beak. I salute a real patriot!