Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Who speaks for the minorities living under Islam

Lost in the medias obsession about fake indigenous people is the plight of real indigenous people who live under Islamic opression. They face daily abuse in their own native lands but the left turns a deaf ear. We have seen familiar far left bufoons laugh at the plight of the Copts and Assyrians. Are they not entitled to human dignity ?

Where is the concern for Christians in Pakistan and Indonesia ? Has anyone even mentioned Hindu and Bhudist minorities ? Why should the Bhai face brutal persecution in Iran. When the left talks about Sudan they talk about the tragedy in racial terms not religious.

We must keep our doors open to these people who are fleeing for their lives. I would like to see the waiting periods eliminated for religious minorities fleeing Islam. We should remember the people on the St Louis.

Over the years I have come to know many of these brave people and they all say the same thing. If you want to understand the persecution read the Koran. I have been told the exact same thing from Copts, Maronites, Jews of Islamic countries and Hindus. After I finish the current book I will do just that. People who live under Islam must have gained insight and to a man they are saying the exact same thing.


Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

What did you mean about St. Louis? Clinton dumped thousands of Bosnian "refugees" here in the 1990s.

Anonymous said...

Instead of openning our borders, we should simply fly over all these countries dropping surplus AK's and M-1 Carbines plus ammo. We could also throw in all those handguns bought back from the streets of America from the 60's onwards.

There would be many more true democracies in this world if we did that, instead of openning our borders. Provided of course, one thought that protecting ALL foreign minorities was a good thing.


Always On Watch said...

First, thank you for leaving your comment at my immigration article. The "family reunification" aspect is one of the major faults in our immigration policy (if one can call what we have a "policy"). Too many Christian churches support the idea of family reunitication; this support dates back to the time of the Korean War--at least, that's when I became aware of it.

And I know a bit about immigration injustice to Philippinos. One of my piano students is Philippino. After 9/11, INS clamped down while the father, a well respected anesthesiolgist at a large hospital here in Fairfax County, was visiting his relatives in Canada; for well over a year, this man had to wait in order to return here because of visa scrutiny. His wife, a pediatrician, had to work double shifts to stay afloat; she had house payments to make and two children, one an infant--both lovely children and incredibly bright in any way you want to name.

Now, these clients of mine didn't complain, and eventually the husband got his visa straightened out. But what happened was an injustice. In no way was this couple a threat to the security of the United States, and they desperately wanted to become American citizens.

In fact, both are American patriots, who never refer to the Philippines as "my country." That family was among the first to put out a U.S. flag after 9/11; the supply of full sized flags was low, so for a time, they had a small vase-sized flag, in a large brace, on their front porch. A few people laughed at the incongruity, but I didn't. I was pleased to see their support in those troubled days. The wife was adamant that the little flag remain until a larger one was available. She flew the full-sized flag until it was in tatters, then replaced it with a new flag.

In 2003, the wife got her American citizenship, and she proudly voted in the 2004 Presidential election. In fact, she told everyone who would listen, "I'm a citizen now. I get to vote there, for the first time!" She studied hard and passed the test with flying colors. She was so proud! Her husband's citizenship is pending, and I'm sure that he'll take the oath of loyalty as soon as he is allowed to.

I also know many Hindu-Americans, who are good American citizens now.

It seems to me that the left is not much interested in immigrants who fit the definiton of "good American citizens," but would rather set up day-laborer centers for illegals. We have an oversupply of these day laborers now.

Just by way of interest...A few blocks from a mosque in this area, a Bhai center is being built. What a juxtaposition! There's already been vandalism at the Bhai site. Who the vandals are is open to speculation.

Always On Watch said...

Mr. Beamish,
Muslim refugees?

Jason_Pappas said...

There are many good hardworking and patriotic immigrants who are glad to be here. One employee of mine, from China, just became a citizen.

If we had selective immigration from certain countries and certain groups, legal immigration would be a great asset to our country and a humanitarian endeavor.

On 9/12, my wife and I thought they’d immediately close the door on immigrants from Muslim countries. A friend of mine who’s involved in immigration law (and an immigrant from Bombay) thought there would be a selective tightening on immigration from Islamic countries. Of course, he is knowledgeable on Islam and was using common sense.

But until we admit that Islam has something to do with the current threat, the government will punish every would be immigrant.

bum from jersey said...

Government classifying an entire group of people based on the actons of only a portion of society? No, that can't be?! Please, give me a break. Its happened so many times in history in this country and others around the world that its not even suprising anymore. I agree w/ beak that we should remember and even offer help to those, even Muslims, who are peaceful and try to practice their faith without intruding on the lives of others in a negative way.

Why doesn't the media cover these people? Simple, unless the opression is in the form of genocide Western media doesn't care. Check that - American media does not care because if you go over to the BBC or even CNN in Europe they do have pieces on some of these people from time to time. Its a shame their voice is lost but at the same time its not suprising.

beakerkin said...

Bum from Jersey and Mr Beamish

Christians and other religious minorities are being persecuted. Lost in the incessant Palestino mania of the left is the suffering of Christians, Bahai etc.

Lets us end immigration from these countries that are persecuting relkigious minorities. A Christian or Hindu fleeing Pakistan should jump to the head of the line. We can not take in the entire refugee population of the world. However this country was founded in part by people fleeing religious persecution. It makes zero sense to allow the persecutors to immigrate here while the victims wait in line.

Mr Beamish the St Louis was the name of the ship of Jews that the progressive icon FDR turned away.
The incedent was portrayed in the movie Voyage of the Damned.

bum from jersey said...

I am confused. In your post you said "we must keep our doors open to these people who are fleeing for their lives" but in your comment above you say "Lets us end immigration from these countries that are persecuting relkigious minorities. " Then you said we should allow the persectuted to immigrate. Why I ask the question is because I thought I agreed w/ you that we should lend a helping hand out to those who are being persecuted but now you say we should shut the doors to countries where persecution is going on. Indeed you do follow it up by saying that we should let these people immigrate to the United States but you also said that we should not take the world's refugees. Why do you think that they are refugeees? Its because they are being persecuted.

If your point is that we should help out the individuals persecuted by countries where Islam exists (which I totally disagree with you because there are several countries around the world where Islam exists yet terrorism fueled by religous belief doesn't) and not the individuals who are persecuted through other means of opression I have to strongly disagree with you. You shouldn't pick and choose who you help and even if you are going to do that - what makes one criteria better than another?

beakerkin said...

Christians and other minorities living under Islam are fleeing for their lives. We should give all of the precious immigration slots to Christians, Jews , Zoroastrians who are fleeing the middle East. It makes zero sense for Christians to wait in an area that puts their lives in danger. The terrorists are not Copts and Pakistani Chistians . Let us remember that ship of Jews we turned away in the Holocaust and get this one right.

bum from jersey said...

I am not disaagreeing that we should help out those people but my problem is lets not limit it or in other words don't say who we should help and we shouldn't help. Should we not help those in Africa who are fleeing for their lives because their tribe is not in power? Or is their fleeing and starvation not as impressive as the plight of Christians and other religous minorities in some Islamic countries?

Always On Watch said...

You might want to have a look at
"toni's" comment @


I seem to have touched a nerve.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

D'oh! ::slaps forehead::

Your St. Louis reference went over my head.

Yes, AOW, St. Louis (the city) is now home to thousands of Bosnian, Croatian, and Kosovar Albanian "refugees," and many are Muslims. When Clinton magically transformed the al-Qaeda backed "Kosovo Liberation Army" from a terrorist group to a political party (by removing the KLA from the State Department's list of terrorist organizations) and suckering Milosevic to sit across from them at Rambouillet, not only did he create a wag-the-dog war for his cigar-dipping scandal, he found a new source of drug money to launder through political contributions to the DNC, he got to violate the Constitution of the USA and the War Powers Act during his own impeachment hearing, and the American Midwest is now home to people with solid ties to Al Qaeda.

Makes ya just wanna run out and vote for Democrats every day, doesn't it?