Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Has the mental health community fallen asleep

The mental health community seems to be MIA in the war on terror. I have heard plenty of rationalization about poverty and humiliation . However there are plenty of opressed communities poorer and more humiliated then Muslims. There is a reluctance to link mental illness to suicide bombing or define AL Queda as a death cult.

The mental health community seems strangely silent. We have every type of analysis of Mc Veigh or the unibomber. There seems to be no hesitation in calling Americans who commit terrorist bombings mentaly disturbed. Is the mental health community suffering from PC or do they seriously define the propensity to blow people up as a cultural right.

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Always On Watch said...

The mental health community won't tackle this issue. Not willing to expose the jihadomaniacs. I don't think "treatment" would help anyway.