Friday, August 12, 2005

Beak's big Adventure

Ever since I arrived in Vermont I have heard the locals talk about the North East Kingdom. The North East Kingdom is descibed as rugged and loaded with wildlife. There are a few Vermonters that never make the trek.

I am going in search of Moose and assorted other wildlife. That part of Vermont has been a disappointment because the only new wildlife I have seen is a Fisher. I knew it was a weasel but to an untrained eye it looks like a huge NYC rat on steroids. I have not encountered any new bird species other then the eagles on the drive up.

The entire point of my trip to Vermont is to experience things that I could not imagine in NYC. So far I have visited waterfalls and crossed rivers but this new experience will be promising.

Scooter will not be joining me as he is a tad jumpy. I will be traveling with another NYC tranplant but he has been here for five years.


drummaster2001 said...

last time moose hunting was a dud. maybe this time it will work out.

Warren said...

You watch out. Moose can be dangerous. Just remember they aren't livestock.

They shouldn't be too agressive this time of year but you really can't tell what a wild animal will do.

beakerkin said...

I just got back and I saw a couple of Moose. They are just huge but more interesting was one road by the local prison eight dead racoons one skunk and zero rabbits. For reasons undetermined there are crows all over the place and not a lot of song birds.

Warren said...

Crows are carrion eaters and gather where ever there are many kills. The diet of songbirds usually consist of insects and seeds. Crows can live most anywhere and if you look closely in suburban areas you can see them on the tops of telephone poles waiting for a road kill or near a fast food place waiting for someone to drop some garbage.

You are more likely to find song birds on the boarder area of a woods or in someone's backyard where trees are present and food is plentiful.

drummaster2001 said...

ahh, success!

beakerkin said...


My araa seems to be road kill Central but even in the parks I seldom see more then crows sparrows and seagulls.

A Moose is a breath taking sight. Think of a cow with antlers snorting but I was glad to see it from the comfort of my car.Moose feeding in a swamp was a treat. Swamps are also filled with VT ever present misquitoes.

Esther said...

I saw moose in Yellowstone, right before the fires during the summer of '88. They were amazing.