Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Know the enemy

Most of my fellow bloggers seem to think that the enemy is militant Islam. This misses the more common enemy that aids abets and rationalizes the barbarity of the terrorists. I am refering to the lunatic left and as a social liberal I am disgusted by the acceptance of this element. I will refer to the best example of the mind ( or lack of) of the dumbest communist on the Web the anti semite par excellance 167.

Say your city has been bombed by religious nuts. A normal person condems the bombing and he added that not all Muslims are bombers. This is decent so far but wait lack of intelligence will show.

He reserves his outrage for the Police for the unfortunate shooting . He then adds it is a Zionistic tactic to shoot people in the head. He thus fails to mention that all of the above would not be needed if a certain element would stop blowing up civilians. Maybe suicide bombing is a cultural variant to 167 or it is okay as long as Jooooooooos er Zionists are blown up.

This is typical of what we deal with . Israel has absolutely zero to do with the Iraq war and talk of Jooooish cabals and zionist media is naked anti semitism. Guess what Howard Dean and now Susan Estrich agree and neither can be described as a Conservative. The left has been silent about Deans denunciation of this blatant antisemitism eminating from the far left.

This is the amazing part as liberals want to get self righteous at every alleged anti gay statement by Falwell. Yet these same sorts go into denial when there own talk about Joooos. Can we say phonies

Hey liberals I might agree with you on the social issues but Communism and Anti semites are pure evil . I will not watch the same sort sell the people of Iraq out like the Vietnamese , North Koreans and Cubans.


callieischatty said...

yes the anti semitism on the left really is bizarre.

When it comes to Israel Michael Moore sounds just like Pat Buchanen.

Always On Watch said...

I've seen this equation elsewhere:

"Islam - Allah = Communism"

Something to consider?

beakerkin said...

There is considerable overlap both want to rule the world , both go after appostates with a vengence. However you can find same Muslims but a decent Communist is never to be found.

Craigy B said...

The Beaker fucktard is at it again I see.

167 with whom you are so obsessed did condemn the bombings. He has condemned ALL suicide bombings; but when did that ever stop a Nazi scumbag like you purveying your evil brand racist and religious hatred?

Upset that he is ignoring you as the total ignorant irrelevant scum that you are?

Warren said...

Craigy, put a sock in it. You're the only Nazi that visits this board.

You're a waste of bandwidth, not to mention oxygen.

beakerkin said...


How does he ignore a blog he quotes so often . He also dennies emphatically that he reads this blog. Does the phrase congenital liar mean a thing to you.

Hmmmmm Calling a Jooooooooo a Nazi is just sooooooo original. Has 167 housebroken you yet. You seem to like soiling yourself and talking about excrement. Then again your natural element is fecal matter.

Now run run along to your master and bait.

Mr. Beamish the Instablepundit said...

When it comes to Israel Michael Moore sounds just like Pat Buchanen.

Psst. Pat Buchanan is a leftist.

beakerkin said...

Buchanan is more of a Populist but there is little difference on the fringes. Thus I illustrated this comedically with well known Communist 167 talking to the KKK and having overlap.

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