Monday, August 15, 2005

Comedy Central in the UK at the 167 home for the politicaly insane

I always do get amused when the local communazi quotes a blog he swears he doesn't read. However being truthful is not a specialty in the house of 167. He loves to call this blog illiterate but has mangled a basic reading of the PLO charter. Richard Poe and David Yeagley are still laughing at your 137 word 15 comma sentences.

Lets see a woman associates with a known Communist group Code Pink. This is not my opinion but a fact left unreported. Even in liberal Vermont they are calling Miss Sheehan a media whore and a ghoul. Those statements came from anti war people who were not shocked at all that Commies are using their dead children who absolutely would be ashamed of his mothers little media game.

Moving ahead the clueless 167 can not fathom how blaming the worlds only Joooish state and a Cabal of joooish wascaly webublicans for getting America into the war is anti semitic. The great conservative war hawk Howard Dean has called this anti semitic. Oh wait Howard Dean is anti war and on the far left. What is 167s excuse going to be GOV Deans wife is a jooooooo or that the jooooooish media twisted his arm. Or maybe its those jooooooish donors. Howard Dean may be many thing but he is his own man. I guess the failure to see the obvious is what differentiates a liberal Dean from aommunist 167 and from a moron Rob Bayn. No Rob you may fantasize that we have called you an antisemite or a commie but you have been dubbed 00 as you are too stupid to be anything more then a usefull idiot to real commies.

The statements of Sheehan were similar to the famous OIL speech that was denounced by almost every liberal in Congress. Once again this proves how out of touch with reality 167 and company are. Even the Disgruntled Chemist a sometimes sane liberal runs from the BS of Israel started the Iraq war or talk of a cabal of joooooos.

Update Now 167 is upset because a protest was broken up in Crawford. He is worried about freedom of speech. The fact that he does not practice it on his own blog make this comedic . Freedom of speech for Communist Antisemites with the blood of 100,000,000 and counting but none for Joooooooooos er Zionists. Lets see how many fake Jennin Massacres would it take to reach 100,000,000.

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