Saturday, August 13, 2005

Tisha B'Av Bat Ye"or and amazing coincedences

Tommorow is a the Jewish Holiday commemorating the destruction of the two Jewish temples. I am preparing for the fast by planing a nap for twelve hours. The destruction of the temples and reflections of the diaspora will be in my thoughts.

I have been reading Bat Ye'ors articles in Robert Spencers book the myth of tolerant Islam. She writes exensively on the French role in fastering Arabism to further its own colonial ambitions in the middle east.

She describes anti zionism as the confluence of traditional Jihadism with anti semitic replacement theology from Europe. This may explain the early roots of traditional anti zionism. However modern European anti zionism is Marxist as typified be the gifted ignorance of 167. The Joooooo/ Zionist is the agent of Capitalism and thus the war for Soialist/ Communist utopia runs through Israel. Attacking the USA and now openly is just a diversion of their master plan to emerge victorious after a clash of civilizations.

There is a tad of irony not lost on Tisha B Av. The two nations in Europe that will demographicaly become Muslim first are Austria the birth place of Hitler and France the creator of Pan Arabism. The question of what type of Islam will emerge in Europe is open . A more liberal form may emerge in Europe as open societies and Jihad are incompatible. A far right or left populist backlash is a possibility but I do not see
it happening. The USA will not have to deal with this as Latin , Hindu and Chinese immigration outpace those immigrants from Muslim countries.


Esther said...

Thanks for the explanation of it all, Beak. As you can tell, I'm not terribly religious.

beakerkin said...


You are all class. It is hard to observe the hooliday where I am by myself. There is a security gaurd at work who is also Jewish that makes about three of us out of seven hundred.

Jason_Pappas said...

I haven't gotten to Bat Ye'or's articles in Spencer's book, The Myth .... I've skimmed a few but got involved in other matters. I'm reading Horowitz' Radical Son. I know where David is coming from. He grew up in my part of Queens and went to my High School. I know the Radicals he grew up with, even though I'm a decade younger and was never a Radical. But some of my best friends ...

I just discovered the HurryUpHarry blog spot. It's British but has both leftists and rightists who actually talk to each other (most of the times.) The other day a Labor MP, who supports the Iraqi campaign, was defending his stance. Quite a breath of fresh air. He was taking heat from some of the anti-war Laborites. But he held his own and maintained his civility. I don’t have to ask his IQ to tell he was a resonable fellow … if you know what I mean.