Thursday, February 20, 2014

Spent Time with my daughter and grandaughter.

I spent an evening with my daughter. I am exhausted from work but my kid and my grand kid come first. It is odd that Emma adores me because I am just so odd. The again my daughter in law notices the pets also gravitate towards me.

I am somewhat surprised about the grand child relationship because initially when this child was very small she feared me. I used to joke about it and play with the the dogs or do something else. The grandchild loves me very much and does not like to leave with her mom when I am home.

Someday, when she is older she will get that many of the stories have a point. The land of Snow and Beer is actually Vermont. My younger brother, the annoying Beaker, is in many of these stories. Oddly, my grandfather did the same thing and at times my father introduces the truth. For example my great grandfather emigrated to the USA. The legend of him being thrown out was a comedic image painted by his son in law
to his grandchildren. He also left his wife and many children behind, but World War One, the Flu of 1918, the Depression, the Holocaust and World War 2 and scores of smaller events got in the way.

We seldom think about things now that we live in a global age. I chat effortlessly with family in Guyana or friends who are on assignment elsewhere. Some lunatic coworker swears he heard something close to the Surf Music in my office in a doctors office in a Muslim Middle Eastern country. One century ago friends and family did lose contact.

In my case as I am not one who looks back I would not maintain friendships after I moved on. There is a coworker who retired who is an exception. I can be located with ease if someone is looking. However, I am usually glad to see them and discover that I have little in common.

My trip to the jungle may be delayed by civil unrest in the adjacent  country.


Duckys here said...

Your daughter is already a single mom?

Who's the grand child?

beakerkin said...

My kid has an older adult brother. I have a loving relationship with his daughter and consider his wife to be a daughter in law.