Tuesday, February 25, 2014

No fights

People fail to grasp that if I am really upset, I stop talking. After certain lines are crossed I move on and have nothing to do with the annoyance. Fighting is just a waste of time and when bothered it is just better to go elsewhere.

At work the person next door has constant coffee clatches. In general, I am quite tolerant until the ring leader of the gang that bullied me showed up. I addressed the matter politely and were this mere passing through it would not concern me. The issue was multiple daily visits that last an hour or more and are not work related.
 I pointed out my concern and got a lecture. My response to the lecture was you are 100% correct. However, as my space is next door I can decide what to do with it as well. Kindly, don't talk to me or ask for help.  This person did ask for help multiple times and as a peer, I don't mind helping out. However, don't ask me for help and make my area into a mess.

Now I keep my door locked at all times. I discourage visitors and prefer to do my job in peace. I am still the same sweet guy to the public. However, I really prefer to hang with the old timers who grasp the full history in our area.


Duckys here said...

Are people upset that you've locked your door?

Always On Watch said...

I hate "office politics," which so often amounts to gossip fests. At least, that has been my experience when I worked at a school with an all-female administration and a mostly-female faculty. Always some kind of cat fight going on! So, I requested a classroom on an isolated hallway and distant from everyone else. They didn't often seek me out. Thank God!

beakerkin said...


Many are because I am usually light
and keep the place fun. Some describe the new policy as friendly fire.

The older workers familiar with what happened understand. If you take your job seriously all of this partying is disturbing.


In my case it was simply a reaction to party central and a specific person being there multiple times daily. I asked the person to tone it down and she refused so I ended the dispute by
not dealing with her at all.

Duckys here said...

Baek, I saw this post of yours over at trout's.

"Unlike you I am trained in the mental health disciplines."

Why are you just filling out the forms with the door closed if you have credentials?

Duckys here said...

Been following this one, Beak? I thought of you immediately.

VATICAN CITY (AP) — The founder of liberation theology, the Latin American-inspired Catholic theology advocating for the poor, received a hero's welcome Tuesday at the Vatican as the once-criticized movement continues its rehabilitation under Pope Francis.

beakerkin said...

Grasping at straws Duncy as another
workers paradise goes up in smoke.
Maybe you and the Trout can go lecture the people of Hugos crack den about jobs, consumer goods
vs your death cult BS

The Venezuelan people should out all of Chavez's agents when the government falls. The Fish molester will be a certified criminal when the people liberate

My training is both on the job and at the University level. My training at the University level
was very close to an actual major
However, I have a BBA and did not major in psychology. With about two classes I could have been a double major.

Kym Wilson said...
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