Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Just Watched an Entire Golda Meir Interview from 1968

Funny, I watched an entire interview from 1968 and never heard the words Palestine or Palestinian. The far left apparently has passed the greatest con job of all time. The contexts of the wars was Judenfrei real estate. However, that close to the Holocaust Nazi verbiage was unacceptable. Thus the bait and switch from Joooos into the sea to the creation of a bogus ethnicity created by the far left solely for the creation of stoking populist Jooooo hatred.

The far left is far more filled with Jooooo hatred then imaginary Conservative animus against Blacks. Of course lefties like Duncy hurl all types of racial epithets at Black conservatives while feigning some sort of disdain about the genuine Blackness of Black conservatives. Last I checked Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain and Thomas Sowell did not attend nearly all White Prep Schools or pass their days as a stoner.

The real truth is that the overwhelming majority of Joooos obsessed with the destruction of Israel are Communists or the members of a criminal pseudo religious cult. The criminality of the Satmar cult are quite evident. Where else in the USA does a religious disorder set up ethnically pure enclaves with welfare and poverty rates exceedingthe worst areas in the USA.

I want to point out the faux culture of this disorder is far more akin to a cult then a branch of Judaism. The emulation of the Jewish ghettos is neither correct in substance or fact. Unlike, actual residents of the ghettos
these clowns disdain work and spend their lives on the dole. The actual residents worked back breaking trades and studied at night. They learned scripture and the talmud and did not need cult like Rabbis to tell them every aspect of their life. They fostered and craved intellectual freedom. Of course anyone of my generation would have vivid memories of these people as they were our Grandparents and Uncles.

We have covered the religious roots of Marxism before. I am not a theologically inclined person but evolution is quaint. However, Marxist economics has been lethal in every application. Marxists and Anarchists should be treated with the same disdain as Nazis given their body counts.

Now that there are protesters in Hugo's crack den where are the cameras? Funny when actual popular protests against a criminal leftist regime take place the Bolshevik MSM feigns ignorance.


Duckys here said...

Why would you expect her to mention Palestine after Israel just annexed the West Bank illegally?

Your inability to grasp the totality of facts makes it clear why you are relegated to the dungeon.

Duckys here said...

Of course lefties like Duncy hurl all types of racial epithets at Black conservatives while feigning some sort of disdain about the genuine Blackness of Black conservatives.
Your diction is muddled. I feign disdain for the genuine Blackness of Black conservatives?
That doesn't make any sense. You need an editor.

The three examples you sight are interesting, however.

Thomas is a mediocrity who has yet to write an important opinion despite nearly 25 years on the Supreme Court.

Cain is famous for turning Godfather's pizza sales down 5%, while national Pizza sales were up 10 percent (9 - 9 - 9

Sowell has been a lacky spouting simpleton cliches.

Not an impressive group. Maybe bible fanatic Dr. Ben Carson is the next Great Bagger Hope with all the flameouts including Allen He's Psycho West and Condominium Rice.

What it goes to show is the right wing is whack regardless of color.

beakerkin said...

Who determines what is legal? Sorry, but the Jewish claim to the area is evident from any look at actual history. Arabs started a war goaded on by Communists who bailed when Israel kicked their ass.

You are not trained in law. As a Communist you are the enemy of actual law and order. Thomas is a national treasure.

Once again Communists fail basic math. If an executive closes unprofitable locations sales go down. The goal is profitability not total sales. No doubt as a Marxist moron you ramble on and repeat party lines, no matter how stupid. Creationism is quaint, but Marxist mayhem is even more backwards and almost always deadly. Had to postpone my vacation due to unrest in Maduro's
madhouse next door. No doubt if an actual revolution tosses Commies out I will be on hand when the smoke clears.

As a Communist Sowell is above your IQ. Unlike lab rats Communists are not capable of learning or intelligent thought.

Lets try this again Marxist moron.
Commies like to talk about "authenticity". However, any look at the lives of Cain vs Obama shows Cain lived in Black areas was gainfully employed and is clearly a more effective leader then Barry 'refer Marxist" Obama.

Communists like to play the authenticity game. This is quite amusing when they proclaim to be Jooos but can not even identify the simplest items associated with Jewish traditions. The humor of showing how absurd this "self deluded" moral angst is priceless.

Communists are not Jews, Christians or Americans. They are part of a criminal pseudo religious death cult that is known for criminality and ignorance.

The actual people of the Caracas crack den rise up. The ignorantii
claim that fellow Marxist Obama has sent organizers. Does this excuse come with a laugh track.

Obama has advised the leaders of the Ukraine that they should just harass political opponents with IRS agents abusing laws. The far left has a history of that in Hugo's Crack Den.