Friday, September 21, 2012

Demand Obama state no release for Sheik Rahman

The media is quite selective in the bizzare stories it runs. We have had an act of brutal terrorism against our country oddly blamed on a film maker. The Obama administration has made wishy washy apologies for the film that had zero to do with a brutal act of terror rationalized as outrage over the film.

A strong leader gets up and defends our values of free speech. The film was an abomination, but Muslims like everyone else need to grasp that a bad film is not a rationalization for violence. If this were so the Ducks bizzare Marxist art films should have created a score of beheadings for poor production values.

There are those within the government who have been kicking around the lousy idea of freeing the convicted criminal Sheik Rahman. This is exactly the wrong idea and even mulling appeasing terrorism is typical mindless state dept logic at its worst.

Keyboard Warriors rise up and photoshop Sheik Rahman into crazy places to support free speech. Place him in the Back Street Boys or Village People for a good laugh. Sub him in as your store Santa in the name of freedom. Even replace Bubba from Sanford and Son with images of the Blind Sheik. Do remember that the point of this is to place his image in silly places, not offensive. Thus a photo of him with Spongebob or
replacing Ross on Friends is on target. Placing him in the Pillsbury Dough boy spot would also be funny. Illustrate the point with creativity, wit and good taste.

Obama needs to be directly asked and confronted with his views on this subject. It will not prevent him from twisting his words later, but it needs be done


Ducky's here said...

He's going to be released with Jonathan Pollard and they're going to open a kosher deli in the Bronx.

beakerkin said...

You are jealous that your bad art films get zero media attention.

Always On Watch said...

Off topic....

Beak, have you heard anything from The Pagan Temple?

beakerkin said...

The hospital is tight with information. I did check for the other alternative amd found nothing.
Hopefully, his sister will let us know.

Always On Watch said...

Sveral weeks ago, I left a phone message for Patrick at the hospital.

I, too, have checked the other possibility several times, but not recently.

Please let me know if you learn anything.