Saturday, September 15, 2012

Newest excuses for Arab Outrage

Arabs have just discovered that there are no Arabs in the Village People. The radical followers demand that in all future concerns a new dancer dressed like Sheik Rahman be allowed to sing YMCA. In the spirit of mmulticulturalism they demand Obama release Shiek Rahman and he be given a job as a Muslim alternative to Santa at Macys for the holidays.

If this sounds absurd so does sodomizing and lynching diplomatic personnel over a lousy film.

Sorry but freedom of expression is an American birthright and those who want to intimidate me into silence are mistaken. Actual Muslims look like crap every time one of these loons filled with hate make idiotic excuses for crimes against humanity.

Muslims upset about blog post riot at noon. Muslims upset at lack of Charmin Ultra in toilets riot at 2pm lynching and sodomizing diplomats as a bonus feature,


Ducky's here said...

Sodomizing and lynching?

No reputable news agencies are reporting that. However, Breitfart and Pam Geller seem to be pushing that crap.

You know, Beak, you really need to come to grips with your guilt about leaving the Orthodox life.
You'd be able to give the house guests the boot and you wouldn't be such an angry ignorant bigot on the subject of Arabs.

It would do you a world of good to resolve it one way or the other.

beakerkin said...


I was never Orthodox. I was raised in the community and familiar with the traditions that meant nothing to me. I was never observant and fought very hard to get a secular education. I suddenly found peace and happiness as soon as I left. There are those who like being religious, but count me out. I have zero guilt about the subject and no regrets. I tend to avoid all contact with people from those years. This is why people thought I was incarcerated, deaceased or vanished. When someone did bump into me or in some cases track me down I am usually polite and genial and explain I have stopped pretending long ago.

Reputable news services like the Guardian that spun an imaginery Joooish/ Israeli connection to the film in question. Funny, but commies
forget when they spread Blood Libel
fatasies because it is a daily event.

I will have to remind the Muslim activist attorneys who seek my advice of your concerns. Unfortunately, I have way too much work and would like less. Somehow they seem to miss your memos.