Friday, September 07, 2012

If you want something done do it yourself

Having waited for weeks for thefrummies to accomplish a mundane task my patience is at wits end. Getting one teen on a plane and into school should not take a month. The latest story is Sunday the task will be done. Why this relative insists his kid remains here while his family is in Long Island is unknown. The kid is not annoying his parrents are.

Should this plan fail I will do this personally.  I will get the kid on the plane go to Israel get a cab deposit 1 teen in a yeshiva and return asap. Upon my return I will make his parents life so miserable they will never do this again.

The kid is not college material and deranged dreams of him earning a degree are insane. The kid can't read a simple work of Dickens but somehow with grasp advanced readings.


Paulus said...

Sounds like a case of "throwing $$$ down the drain."

When said kid bombs the semester, he and they look foolish. So then, they will try to shift the blame to others...?

What does the yeshiva-bound kid want to do with their life - what do they want to be doing in five years?

(I'm using a 'puter at the local SNAP center - mine's down for 2-wks :(::: sad face w/tears)

beakerkin said...

Docile ones are married off into wealthy families who ship them off to study on their father in laws dimes. A docile one will leave things be father kids and do as told.

More independent ones who have drive are more dangerous. As he is docile and unassuming he will be married off and study for the remainder of his days.