Saturday, September 15, 2012

Old Car Show Frummie Free

I am off to the local Old Car show in search of retro food, retro music and a glimpse of the dreaded Dodge Dart. There are those who swear by that car, but it is a bad memory from times gone by.

As the Jewish holidays are impending there will be no frummies to kill the fun.

The latest frummie obsession is attempting to get me to go to Israel. This is not happening as I would be stuck on a plane with more annoying frummies. Up until these idiots stayed over they were a quaint annoyance. I can endure them for a few days and not get too angry. Now the anger and disgust is seething and I am annoyed by talk of midah, derech or any other religious garbage.  I would sooner go back to Guyana, which does not have a Chabad House, than potentally deal with more frummies.

Old cars, classic retro music, retro food loaded with pork and not a frummie in sight. Now if only I could get the BBQ going out back and some Ice Cold Diet Mountain Dew life would be excellent.

Perhaps, I will need to hang out at biker bars which are also frummie free. Frummies are creepier than goths and can only be killed with Pork products. Silver bullets, wooden stakes and even religious symbols don't work, I tried. They merely take the garlic and cook with it. 


Z said...

Beak, in this whole horrible experience you've had with the FRUMMIES, I have to admit I feel quite guilty because you write about them in such a hilarious manner, even when you're not trying to! I'm so sorry! :-)

As you know, I don't get around as much lately, particularly since I'm working full time now, but where'd the term FRUMMIES come from? I keep thinking David Frum but am guessing that's NOT the connection!?

Are they coming back after the services they're leading.

Blessings to you on Rosh Hashannah, no matter how you feel about the holiday! xxx

and I DO hope you take those vacation days.

beakerkin said...

Frum means pious in Yiddish. Frummie
is a term of annoyance with religious Jews. It is a way of stating over the top. It is not used to describe Chassidic types. It is used to describe annoying modern Orthodox types who ape their worst behaviors.

I try to be understanding but having to deal with this for months is ghastly. I tell people that my Hindu family is easier than dealing with frummies. I have not converted to Hinduism but will be burried somewhere in Guyana to avoid more annoyance.

Always On Watch said...

How was the car show? As you may know, Mr. AOW and I love to attend car shows!

Vacation time? Come my way. We have a kitten! She is the opposite in personality from the eggplant-shaped feline.

Always On Watch said...

Frummies are creepier than goths and can only be killed with Pork products.

Bwahahahaha! That's hilarious.

Maybe you should serve them some of my ham and bean soup? Hehehe.

beakerkin said...


Lets talk about the good as there was plenty of great music although none of it was for sale. I was miffed that the local Greek place did not set up a truck. The food options were limited.

I am the type that likes the cars we drove rather than show cars. There was a shortage of the non glamour car. Plenty of sports cars and exotics and a few woodies. Don't
know why but I love woodies.

I am perplexed how a hot dog costs more than a bottle of water.

I purchased a handicapped parking space for my office. There is a great lawyer in a wheel chair and I will save a spot.