Monday, September 03, 2012

The world's worst house guests are still here

This has gone on since July 4 and was supposed to be over. I have spent the summer without AC while this house guest crashes. There has been excuse after excuse and at this point I am past angry. Their daughter is supposed to go back to school on Thursday and the son was supposed to be on a plane last week. I am exasperated and angry. This goes beyond a normal provocation to where there will be non violent payback for this.

Had this relative the decency of warning ahead of time I would have taken a month or so off. This relatives stupidity and procrastination have impacted the rest of us. Sorry, but when your stupidity and self centeredness impacts me this relationship is over.

Another equally dumb relative decided to hold a wedding in FLA on a yacht. I prepaid $250. to spare myself a nautical disaster. As neither family is in Florida the need to hold this event in a strange locale on a yacht is odd. This marriage of diva and dullard has lasted a year. There is no way this ill suited couple of clowns lasts three.

I really wish these annoying relatives would stop inviting me to their functions. I have no desire to attend these parties and would rather be left out. I really don't bother with cousins who could not pick me out of a police line up.

I am really starting to despise these religious slackers who loaf and come in at all hours of the night and then feign poverty. Hey morons how about sending your moronic wife to work 20 years ago. They come in an out don't keep normal hours and cry poverty. Hey dumbass get your wife to work. If this moron were not religious a wife that is unemployable because she is always late and is on the phone all day while doing nothing would be a welfare queen. I seriously would like to send her to the vocational boot camp show because I am at wits end. On top of this, the idiot lectures others on careers. Excuse me moron someone who hasn't worked in 20 years should STFU.

This is outrageous. Why are they still here?


Always On Watch said...

The summer from hell for you, huh?

Run away!

beakerkin said...

This summer has effectively ended the relationship. The damage and arrogance was too severe to be repaired. I am now beyond angry and told this relative off.

Their son was supposed to be on a plane last week. Their mother procrastinated and procrastinated on my back. Last week the relative stated to another relative "I think I wore out my welcome". No that was a month ago.

Now if the kid needed to study here which I think is bullshit there was zero need for the rest of the family to be here 24/7. I even offered to pay for these classes closer to their home and cut a check for $3000.

Okay summer is over and Labor Day has come and gone and they are still $$^^4 here. Their daughter starts school in another area. Fortunately, I will be spared the religious holidays.

I can't take this any more.