Saturday, September 29, 2012

What is the difference between Yeagley and the Duck

I want to point out that we disagree with the toxic racism of Dr. Yeagley. All of us come with some garbage. Unfortunately, an otherwise interesting fellow has some foul views on race. In his heart he believes himself a patriot. He is very mistaken about our country and in his case it is tragic. If he were a true Reaganite you would see him everywhere.

The Duck has said some odious racial things. He calls Obama "the Black Messiah". Now in fairness to the Duck he does not denigrate Blacks as a community and it is clear Yeagley has.

How we view Obama is really a reflection of ourselves. He is about as White as Yeagley 50%. Obama has never lived in a Black Community. He has not suffered because of his race and arguably may have gained admission to schools he did not qualify for and got his job through affirmative action and Old Left family connections.

I view Obama as the ultimate product of nepotism. We need to talk about ideas and merit. Obama has never had an original thought  in his life. He basically threw a suit on failed ideas and mumbled platitudes.
The American people elected him in part because we believed the nonsense about post racial America. Instead we got the mindless drone who is merely an opportunist.

The Duck is usually more bigoted then the next man.


Always On Watch said...

I think that a lot of people voted for Obama in 2008 to prove to themselves that they were not racists (a consequence of white guilt, largely) and because the idea of an African-American President was romantic.

Well, it hasn't worked out, has it?

Obama is, at the least, incompetent.

Ducky's here said...

I use that reference because of the fools who were suckered into voting for the black guy because he must be progressive.

Now the fact that we were able to elect person of color is a strong positive. But the fact that we couldn't figure out from his history that he is just another corporate pimp says a lot about our gullibility.

The insult is an ironic reference to his being nothing the black community expected and being an abject failure at improving the lot of the poor and working classes.

Just another right of center stiff who's only positive quality is that he isn't as batshit crazy as the Republican opposition.

beamish said...

Ah yes. White bread Ducky's here to tell us the expectations of the black communiuty.