Friday, September 14, 2012

The Return of the Planets Worst Houseguests

One would think that after driving your relatives into near homicidal anger by staying all summer this relative would take their time before returning. They are well aware of the anger their last visit caused. A normal person would probably wait about six months before even attempting another visit.

In the spirit of Jason from Friday the 13th THEY'RE BAAAAAACK AGAIN

At least they must leave on Sunday to lead services in Brooklyn for Monday. Why they feel the need to annoy me with yet another visit is unknown.

This is the mentality of the Frummies who really don't give a crap about anyone else. Their sick and depraved lifestyle of sloth, cultural backwardness and ignorance disgusts me. Glad you can pick up a religious book and do whatever ritual. Now how about returning at a normal hour, showing vestiges of a work ethic or competence and at least shutting your mouth so the entire world doesn't know you are a cultural zero.

In related news the Jewish New Year is upon us Monday. My seat will remain empty by choice. I usually offer it to a poor family and we have plenty of candidates this year. For whatever reasons, long ago I decided to stop going through the motions. The truth is I never wanted to do this and hated Yeshiva. I wanted to go to school with the kids up the block. People who know me from that time period think I just vanished. It took me many years to return to secular life where I found happiness. I remember sitting in the Principals office and getting a lecture about my grades. I hated being there so much I refused to answer test questions in Hebrew or do any homework for religious classes. I returned for one semester in HS and they were baffled by my intransigence to anything religious.

I guess I relate to gay people who have to step out of the closet and tell people who they are. It is not that I deny who I am or my heritage. I just want nothing to do with the community. I made a choice to stop going through the motions and faking beliefs long ago. I live an honest life and am more virtuous than many of the fakes that feel similarly but lack the courage to stop pretending. I am always polite and courteous to the folks at Chabad who pester me. I am not a lost soul. I chose to leave and seek my freedom and live apart. I have no nostalgia for the days when I lived a more traditional life.

I will take off the Jewish holidays for family peace. If my parents were not involved it would be another work day. I did take off Yom Kippur in VT, but that was it. I asked for the holidays yesterday and was granted them off. This supervisor gives me no headaches, but she knows I would rather be at my desk serving the public. The top boss stated my leave totals are well above maximums and I am in use or lose territory. In fact the only time I ever take off is when they send me on the annoying customer service details
that every officer must endure.

There are those who find identity through the rituals and I respect that so long as they are gainfully employed and not bothering those who don't. I respect the religious guy up the block who has lost his job in the Obama economy. His daily trips to learn the Talmud with other unemployed peers and retirees are punctuated by the rare job interview or short term job. The studying basically gives him something to do while looking for work. He would likely be better off sharpening his skills, but that is another story.

I am just tired of dealing with cultural baboons. God doesn't always provide and there is no solid reason to
not hive your best at work each and every day. Even if your boss is a jerk, the customers deserve your best every time. There is no excuse for ever returning home after 2AM with regularity on a work night. There is no excuse for demonstrating you are a cultural baboon. If you are clueless about the arts or popular culture just keep it to yourself.


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