Friday, September 07, 2012

Ground Hogs Day With The Frummies

It has now become painfully apparent that the frummies will return yet again tonight. I did enjoy a two day break from sloth, ignorance and jokes that have not been funny long ago. They left the kid here so they have an excuse to return in force again and make yet another failed attempt to place one teen on an airplane. Naturally, the attempt will take place at 3AM on a Monaday morning to prolong my agony.

Then they will be so exausted they will go 40 miles out of their way and return here.

I have read the emails about converting. In my community when this happens it causes parents to mourn as if their child is deceased. I have zero inclination to cause my parents any further annoyance. Life has not been easy to either and I have no desire to make things worse.

What bothers me is the total lack of consideration for others. They are the center of the universe and we must bow to their whims. This same relative was annoyed because I didn't want to deal with him on Thanksgiving or any other time. They have other family meembers who don't get annoyed at their antics so the point of this is unknown.

I have grown to hate these obnoxious boors. They show no consideration for others and zero responsability. It used to be merely annoyance, but now it is hatred. I am glad you walk another path, but spare me lectures. I have no interest in returning in life or death. I chafe at enduring endless rituals and have no desire to sit in a Temple.

I find these relatives to be an embarassment.


Always On Watch said...

Damn. Are these folks ever going to leave?

beakerkin said...

Rather than endure me taking their kid to Israel and flipping the Yeshiva the bird they have finally put their kid on the plane. In fact if I showed up in Israel and did not make around ten visits the family would have had issues.

In order to break the excuses, I took the step of passing my nephew the cursed shirt. I was wearing the cursed shirt in 93 when the WTC was blown up and again on 9-11. I keep it in my office, but remembered to remove it when the earthquake struck
and was the last man off of my floor.

My family sees the shirt as lucky as I am still here. How lucky can I be with these annoying relatives.

Lets hope but I have said this before and the frummies are back.

Z said...

You're going to hate me, but I haven't been around (working full time again!) and hadn't seen the emails about the FRUMMIES and, honestly, I thought these were some of THE funniest, most clever posts you've ever written! I'm sorry for finding this situation you find SO upsetting so funny but you wrote about it so cleverly I started laughing!

"GOD HATES ME" about did me in!! :-)

beakerkin said...


I write with a touch of comedy, but these relatives are a bit much. I used to get along with this one. He is terrified to be alone and made a dreadful choice. His wife is an utter embarassment.

We tallk about single poor people on welfare. We need to rethink so called relgious people who choose to live on the dole. This relative is not on the dole, but his wife lives an identical lifestyle without drugs, crime and promiscuity.

I love hard working people who go to a house of worship. They work hard and build stuff. Junglemom may ask for a donation but she works hard every second. What do these so called scholars do.

There is a parallel with our lazy academics who get salaries rivaling corporate hacks with zero work.

Less said the better.

The kid is in Israel with my cursed Yankee shirt. My mother views it as a lucky shirt. How lucky is it if I survive all of these incedents and have to deal with these clown like relatives.

Midah is hard work.

No working a job with a cruel boss and being treated like dirt every day with no thanks is hard work. Unlike some I see tears of joy from the public and thanks from the lawyers. It makes the day go by without too much pain.

I once told a religious loon who looked down her nose at me. I do more good deeds in a month than you will do in your career as a social worker. This is not bragging, it is a plain fact.

God is a reflection of us. My version of the all mighty will place me at the gates. I can just envision the all mighty having me process endless applications of those wanting to get into heaven.
You forgot form x back to purgatory for two years until you get it right. What type of gig is this I don't get paid, there is no doo wop or surf music and no Mountain Dew.

Irony has an element of truth. Lets hope my after life is better than that.