Tuesday, September 04, 2012


I am annoyed at the low class ignorance that comes from the mouths of religious students. I am reminded of why I decided to walk away and find my own path. I am just floored by the disrespect for actual working people, by the religious slackers. My uncultured and ignorant nephew made a snide remark about the cleaning woman. I reminded him that the woman works very hard to support her family and it is an outrage that he would disrespect hard working people. I got the lecture how hard it is to study in yeshiva. Sorry, but the cleaning woman works very hard without her hand out, unlike the professional students.

Similarly, my eyes got bloodshot by the levels of cultural ignorance. Glad you can study obscure religious texts but we live in a wider world and should be culturally literate. If you don't know the basics about art, music, theatre and antiques kindly grasp that others do not share your values. Sorry, but I have no desire to recreate a ghetto in Europe.

I got the lecture about my soul. If heaven is being with these religious slackers please ship me to the other place. I would sooner end up next to Junglemom or whomever serves the poor, rather than mindlessly reading obscure religious texts in a fog.

One can not discuss the real world with buffoons and insular baboons. When I was the age of this student I understood the value of hard work. I made a deliberate point to cross that line away from the segregated college table to the bimmi cafeteria where the transients ate. Only the verbal beat down of a beautiful blond daughter of a famous writer got me to return to the college table from time to time. She wanted company and did not care about my small scale social protest.

I guess I was always part of the larger community and thinking on different levels. I have no patience for religious slackers who are still not home on a work night at 2AM.


Always On Watch said...

If heaven is being with these religious slackers please ship me to the other place.

I'll go along with that! This, from a person of faith.

I know many lazy Christians, but I'm not sure that they can hold a candle to what you have been describing.

beakerkin said...


The antics of this family illustrate
why I had to walk away. The sad truth is that the religion masks behaviors that elsewhere would be worthy of professional help.

My family are a bunch of imbeciles. They cling to the notion that a kid who is not capable of reading a simple book like A Tale of Two Cities is college material. If the kid is learning disabled find a trade. How does the kid learn law in Aramaic but fail to grasp Dickens. If the kid were not religious we would say he is lazy.
As he has been coddled and has developed no work ethic there is little hope there.

At least he is leaving for Israel
and will be away for 9 months. How he expects to go to any college with this lack of effort and preperation is beyond me.

Most Christian denomiations stress communal activities over reading obscure religious texts. Tis better to build a community center than to drone on and on.

Seriously, if heaven is populated with these sorts book my ticket elsewhere.

Always On Watch said...

Well, your nephew is a stark contrast to MB, who works his tail off. And he volunteers service, too.

Ducky's here said...

What the bleep are these stooges doing out at 2 A.M., clubbing?

Next time they go out clubbing change the locks.