Sunday, September 02, 2012

Eating in NYC

Many of the old time restaurants are disappearing, When they go we lose some of history and individuality.  I really did not know about Eisenberg's Sandwich shop. This is shocking because I went to school nearby and lived up  the block.

Eating at a 1920 style lunch counter is worth the trip. Despite claims otherwise the food is not as good as one would find in Ben's on 38th. However as Ben's is Kosher one can not eat a cheese burger there or get the excellent Manhattan Clam chowder  once Tabasco sauce is added.  I had a decent to above average Corned Beef on rye with a Cell Ray Soda. In my case I was imagining this is what my grandfather might have experienced when he passed through on his way home from the furniture factory he owned nearby.

I miss my my grandfather he was a gentle man who loved his craft and great food. He was a man of peace who hated war. He hated the Communists who he considered imbeciles and verbose gangsters who endangered the world. He fought in the war of 1920 for Poland and was a skilled marksman. He displayed this skill after a stroke and amazingly after Parkinsons. On a couple of occasions in the Catskills he beat amazed State Troopers. He made me give back the money but never turned down the beer that the amazed State Troopers would insist he take. My grandfather would chide me give back the money and ask for a beer. The stunned State Troopers would insist he take a six pack. He would then return to reading a Yiddish newspaper. He was much more literate in his aboriginal language than in English. This may have also been why he appeared much more simple than he was in reality.

Many of the Old places are gone but will live on in my memories and in these pages.

To Nostalgia

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