Wednesday, September 05, 2012

God Hates Me

Just when you think the hose guests from Hell are gone they are back again.  Even though they were supposed to leave last week and went to the airport yesterday THEY ARE BAAAAAAACK. I have been praying to get hit by a bolt of lightning since they arrived. I can't take this anymore. The madness, the stupidity, the self centerdness never ends. At least when the Dr takers out the white glove eventually the annoyance ends and their is a purpose to the agony.

I wake up 1AM to enjoy this new found peace and THEY ARE BAAAAAACK.  How does one &%*^(^& up a simple task light getting on a *^(&(*UOU plane. Here is how to mess up a mundane task. 99% of humanity buys a ticket with a definite date and time. The task becomes quite simple you arrive three hours before the flight and take your pre assigned flight.

The Adams family insists on an open ticket. This takes two weeks longer and they insist upon further annoying relatives who are at wits end. They arrive a mere one hour before the flight. Then amazingly there is no room on the flight.

This would not be an annoyance if they went to their home a mere ten miles from the airport. Instead they turn right around and are back here yet again 40 miles from the airport.

I don't ask for much from God. At this point I would like a nice lightning bolt to kill me so I can be spared the stupidity, the excuses, the ignorance and sloth that these religious slackers inflict on me daily. For crying out loud how $%^%tA% difficult is this task that even developmentally disabled folks do each and every day. The process is quite simple moron buys plane ticket, moron shows up on time, moron gets on plane.

I am past hate and am now into suicide to get away from these uncouth barbarians whose sloth, ignorance and incompetence in simple tasks is beyond belief. I hate these religious slackers. These are life's rejects who can't even complete a simple task. Of course they could have gone home as it is closer to the airport.
All of this precludes that a basic responsible imbecile performs a task.

The new story is we promise it will be tomorrow. Funny I was promised that last week. How the %s6a56
does one 3765%^%5 a simple basic task like buying a ticket and getting on a plane. Of course they act perplexed that I am angry and have no %^A%E^aW% clue.

I can't believe this. It is humid so I go down to get some sleep in an air conditioned room. I find them camped out once again.


Tune in again tomorrow for the house guests from hell part infinity.

If I actually am lucky and get hit by a well placed bolt of lightning and manage to get away from these religious barbarians they will inter me in the family plot where I will not even get away from these idiots in death.

I am on my way to arrange for a burial in Guyana. At least in death I can get away from these idiots and rest in peace in the after life away from these barbarians,


Ducky's here said...

Beak, this makes no sense to a casual reader.

They have their own home near the airport?
Why are they torturing you?

Next time they show up, don't let them in and if they make a scene, call the cops.
Explain to the officer that if they don't return to their own home he should use his baton.

Always On Watch said...

I hear ya.

I've just read TMW this post and the two previous posts.

TMW says, "Become a Christian, and they will leave -- never to return.

Always On Watch said...

Another idea: Request TDY to here or to Florida. TMW has extended an invitation, too.