Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Another 9-11

I am thinking about how much the world has changed. Osama is swimming with the fishes. It would be better if he was packed in a 55 gallon drum filled with cement, but style points don't matter when a touchdown is scored.

9-11 was the beginning of the end. America is in decline led by an incompetent media selected University Marxist drone. There are those who say those who voted against Obama based on race were evil. Those who voted for him based on race or white guilt were just as wrong and were more numerous.

After 9-11 there was a spirit of we can do this in the land. The Obama years are faced with despair if you are looking for work and depression with the abuse you have to put up with to keep one. EEO complaints are through the roof where I work. If this was Bush we would hear crap about "they just don't get it". As it is Obama and an election day it is whatever.

We aren't safer by any means. The new terrorists will be home grown and I am not saying all Muslims are terrorists. However, I look at the way the buck was passed in the Ft Hood shooter case and it seems we are more afraid of being called a bigot than public safety. Of course it would help if we cleaned out cronyism at the Federal agencies, but that is a task for a Greek God.

Maybe the candidates can do us a favor and prohibit direct relatives, spouses and in laws working in the same agency. There are plenty of agencies that relatives can choose, so that we can have better management.

On 9-11 a great nation was attacked. Brave men joined history attempting to save others. The attack was done in the name of religious dogmatism and while America was down Marxists and other freaks blamed the Jews and everyone other than Osama. Osama was screaming I did it, but those political nuts on cue blamed the Jooooos. Of course when I state that a genuine Jew sees a Marxist in the same manner that a Black man views the KKK some of you think this is poetic verbiage. The 9-11 Truther movement is a modern "Blood Libel" with some theories almost taken from the Protocols.

While most of us get that the Truther movement is as low as Holocaust deniers there are some amazing
lapses. There is a person whom I call Rabbi Snaglepuss. He screams I am a Rabbi at the top of his voice and threatens to sue anyone who says he doesn't act like one. Rabbi Snagglepuss and Howard Zinn signed onto a Truther petition and Lerner comically claimed he was duped. Truthers are my generations Holocaust Deniers and we know who is mocking the dead by attempting to shift blame from the actual

Remember the dead and the great nation we were. Four more years of whatever and demolition derby style economics is a bit much. We survived 9-11, but another four years of malfeasance will certainly deliver hope to our enemies and change everything from bad to worse.


Always On Watch said...

Thank you for writing this, my friend.

Your observations are depressing -- but accurate.

beakerkin said...

Romney will not win. The damage to this country will be very real.

Always On Watch said...

I'm not sure that Romney will lose. But I admit that the prospects for his winning do not look good at all right now.

That said, I have noted that there are not many yard signs for Obama here in Northern Virginia. In 2008, some people violated county ordinance and put up damn billboards in the front yards. The zoning enforcement officers didn't do a damn thing about those Obama signs, but they sure as hell did about any GOP billboards. Sheesh.