Friday, September 28, 2012

Time to hold Bill Clintoon responsible for pardoning terrorists.

After reading the violent and disgusting crimes of the freaks and Communist clowns commuted by Bill Clintoon it is time to hold him directly responsible. The next time you see Bill Clintoon ask why he commuted the sentence of unrepentant violent human garbage like Susan Rosenberg.

The absurd part is Bill Clintoon feigns that he was tough on terrorism.

The truth is the actions of Bill Clinton show why the death penalty should be mandatory for terrorists. Had Timothy McViegh feigned alliegence to Marx he would likely be teaching at MIT. McViegh unlike Communists was not an incompetent and knew how to commit crimes without blowing himself up.

Those on the left can not be trusted to keep traitorous violent thugs who rationalize their crimes with lobotomized excuses in jail.


Always On Watch said...

The Left will never abandon Bill Clinton. **sigh**

Ducky's here said...

" is time to hold him directly responsible."

Responsible for what?

Susan Rosenberg has been productive since her release.

Ducky's here said...

By the way, AOW, the leftists I know consider the presidency from Reagan on a continuum that has been dedicated to raping the working and middle classes.

I don't consider Clinton much of an improvement on St. Ronnie Raygun. He just finished laying the foundation for the rape which Chucklenuts Bush and The Black Messiah are finishing.

Governor Olympics will administer the coup de grace, enjoy.

beakerkin said...


Define productive.

Rosenberg deserves the death penalty
for her crimes. She has rationalized
her crimes that had nothing to do with Vietnam or race relations.

Rosenberg was free to spread whatever inane and toxic ideas she wished peacefully. Instead she took
up the gun and lured cops to an execution and was caught with explosives.

I want to compare the actions of Rosenberg to the folks at Waco. People cry about how brutal Nixon was. The fact that Ayers, Rosenberg
and all of these other low IQ pieces
of excerment were not killed is the
greatest testimony to a man slandered by those not worthy to kiss his a$$. There traitors commited acts of war against the USA and were given overly fair trials.

Lets look at imagined foes in Communist countries with show trials
and predetermined verdicts. Lets not pretend that Rosenberg, Ayers and all of the other garbage were anything other than Communists.

If the masses were allowed to be lawless Ayers and all of his other
Little Underoo wearing Che wanabee Trustfundistas would get lynched.

Rosenberg has not shown any remorse
for her crimes. None of the claims about lefties doing social work in prison are credible. This is pr from the usual suspects and even if verified she deserved the death penalty.

beamish said...

I think a real difference between Ducky and myself is that he starts the blame game with Reagan and onwards and I attribute the decline to Wilson and onwards.