Sunday, January 13, 2008

Every Now and Then Bill Clinton gets one Right

Bill Clinton told off a bunch of Ron Paul supporters who were starting the 9-11 conspiracy idiocy.
Of course the Paul nuts did not get to go into the anti semitic part of the conspiracy. Bill Clinton
spoke the truth and told the Paul idiots "shut up" and "you are nuts".

This was almost as much fun as seeing the lunatic tasered while bothering John Kerry.


Anonymous said...

The war lunacy of the Left is the chink in their armour. And most of those clowns are in the Obama camp.

Warren said...

You would be amazed!

I heard one dimwit, professing to be a "true" conservative and decrying Bush's spending, say that if nutty Ron doesn't get elected get the Republican nomination, say he will vote for a Democrap.

If he hadn't got interupted by a comercial break I am sure that he would demand the removal of the letter "M" from the English language.

Always On Watch said...

What is it with some of these "Republicans" who are fawning all over Ron Paul?

nanc said...

bill would know...