Sunday, January 06, 2008

We told you so

Remember the reaction of the usual suspects when we made the dance of death. Commies play this game with every new savior of Communism.Each savior is supposed to right the evils of previous communisms. When the failures become too blatant pretend you never supported the despot and then feign noble motives. Repeat the process until the disease of communism conquers the globe.

Renegade Eye has repeated every absurd line of the Chavez regime. The rise in crime and consumer shortages were predicted by me long ago. The exodus of Venezuelans was denied by Ren until Sonia pointed out articles. G slandered those fleeing the mess as class oppressors. Missionaries were called the worst people on the planet by G because they tell people how to live. This is funny coming from a proponent of forcing Indians onto collectives.

The crime situation has now reached absurd levels and Ren blames the police. Chavez blames vestiges of Capitalism but this mess was entirely predictable. Now Ren wants to claim he is an opponent of Chavez . Obviously, he thinks that most of you are stupid.

No doubt when the bodies start to mount then we will get the noble motives bit.

Sadly, those who advocate Communism for others are never deported and made to live in the messes they wish upon others.

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