Monday, January 21, 2008

Tiki Barber Jerk, Clown and Imbecile

I have observed the Tiki Barber saga for years. Tiki fumbles cries and starts the stories about how he tried. The fact remains that Tiki Barber fumbled far more than any other player in a time stretch. Jim Fassel's refusal to deal with the problem cost him his job.

Fast forward to Tiki playing for Tom Coughlin. Coughlin straightened out Tikis fumbling problems and he had his best years under Coughlin. What does Barber do? He announces his retirement in the middle of the year and the team tanks. Tiki then writes a poison pen book about Coughlin and takes shots at his quarterback.

On top of all this other idiocy Tiki takes shots at Gary Meyers. Meyers defended Barber in his writings when Giant fans were screaming for his scalp. Of course Barber turns on Meyers as well.

There are those saying Barry Bonds is biggest jerk in recent sports history. I nominate Tiki Barber as the biggest jerk in sports. Even the sports channels are now acknowledging the numbers of anti Tiki emails. The people have spoken and Tiki remains a jerk.

Many former NY Giants stick around and are loved by the fans. Phils Simms, Harry Carson, Frank Gifford are just some of the popular players. Tiki will never get the respect that those players earned on the field and with their behavior off of it.

Look Tiki Coughlin and Eli led the Giants to the Superbowl without you. Brandon Jacobs and a host of unknowns all ran very well behind the same line. Take a hint shut up and move to LA where people might buy this cheap act.

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Anonymous said...

Well spoken and so true.