Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cult of Stupidity and more Obama talk

Many of the demented far left types look at the situation in Gaza as the greatest concern on the planet. Hamas ( A terrorist Nazi type group) blew up a section of the security wall and its citizens went storming in for food. The wall should never have been there in the first place. The wall is part of the myth/cult of Palestinian ethnicity. If the far left were so concerned about Gazans they could have ended this years ago by ending this lie. Gaza would have been returned to Egypt and a deal would have been worked out with the Jordanians that included Jewish control of religious sites such as the cave of the Patriarchs. Rachel's Tomb and so forth. There also should be some transfers
of population on an individual basis.

Why is there a wall dividing Egyptians in Gaza from the rest of Egypt. Let the Egyptian military govern the area, deal with Hamas and build a working economy. We provide ample aid to Egypt and it should be used to develop messes like Gaza.

Blaming Israel for the mess is largely the result of sloppy far left and Jihadist anti-semitism. No nation on the planet would be as restrained as Israel given the daily provocations of Rockets targeting civilians. For an illustration of how a nation deals with similar provocations look at Grozny. Of course the communist Duck and his epigones pretend this situation is in a vacuum. All the suffering on the planet involves a fake indigenous people Cuban, religious and ethnic minorities are all spat on by the left. The real issue with the left has never been about Pseudostinians it has been about harnessing Populist antisemitism for their own ends.

One could witness similar dashes to freedom the very second we allow Venezuelans or Cubans to depart Marxist hell holes. I am amazed that one of Che Bob's friend's named "Kreyol Kurt" unwittingly described the mess of Cuba. He noted that there were separate Hotels and restaurants. In fact his account of the Theriesenstadt tours noted that tourists were kept away from mixing with the Cuban people. Starving people in Cuba, North Korea and Zimbabwe are just not as relevant as genocidal Egyptians in Gaza run by a terrorist Nazi outfit. The lie is more important than lives for the souless left seeking power.

Obama is under fire for the odd to idiotic views of his pastor and meeting with a gospel singer who wishes to cure gays. In the case of Obama this is guilt by association, unlike Renegade Eye who makes similar claims. Obama has stated he does not agree with his pastors views and that
he will not likely place his pastor in the cabinet. The views of the singer are not reflective of Obama's views. Moreover even if this singers silly views are reported accurately they remain in the realm of silly rather than obnoxious. The person has never advocated doing actual harm to gays or anyone else other than music critics.

I do want to contrast this with the critics of this blog and our contention that Renegade Eye, G and some others are anti semites. Ren did knowingly post support for the planets foremost anti semite Norman Finkelstein. His post was not about free speech and when given numerous examples of flagrant crank antics and rabid anti-semitism he feigned ignorance. This is part of a pattern he encourages by tossing RED meat to the mos rabid of anti semites. Other examples of this are the infamous posts on Nina "Porn Star but no Zionist" Hartley and the incoherent blathering of MFL.

Ren encourages an actual Neo nazi LWB/John Brown to post on his site. The comments of LWB/Brown have been described by Sonia, Craig Bardo, Jams and even a communist friend of G's named Eric as anti-semitic. Ren at any time could have stated his own positions and clarified the situation but oddly decided to remain silent. This is amazing considering he has positions on everything else on the planet. His site regularly features Jew baiting by LWB/Brown, MFL and the clown Larry Gambone. In an effort to make the wide tent of freaks larger he is now catering to insane Kahanists who should never be lumped together with commies and Nazis, but are still off the wall. Eitan " Cpl Klinger" Divinsky has now ended his born again Kahanist bit and is masquerading as an ex-Kahanist. The tip off to the rest of you was when he said the following quote from Snagglepus "Jewish Cunt" was not anti-semitic. Eitan was always more mental case than Meir Kahane and the two are by no means mutually exclusive.

Another huge error is assuming my loathing of Communists is based upon anti-semitism alone. Even if commies were not trying their best to stoke populist anti-semitism I would remain a bitter foe. Communism is a mental and moral defect that should not be tolerated. The brand x fantasies of Trotskyites are more of the same "it has never been tried garbage". Similarly I oppose Nazi types when they talk of my Black fellow Americans as genetic inferiors. The entire collectivist idiocy is a menace and its advocates should be medicated.

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