Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Communist Torquemada Devour their Own``

Commie like to live in a fantasy world of religious delusions. Much like the churches they mock they have their patron saints, Martyrs, naritives and illucid hate filled sacred texts.

One of the communist classics is about the martyrdom of those blacklisted for their support of a genocidal butcher. The ultimate martyrs and good Jooo were the Rosenbergs. The fact that they were spies, tried fairly and betrayed their country never enters the conversation. The myth of dead victims of anti semitism in the USA was a narrative.

We have seen the rants of the black listed spoiled artists. Zero Mostel ranting about an anti semitc black list in America while defending a system that was butchering his artistic peer in the USSR is the reality of an insane pathology.

One of our semi regular readers Craig Bardo once commented that it took a while to understand my loathing of communist. Real Jews should look at Communists the way Blacks look at the KKK. Communists since Marx have been as Jew obsessed as Nazis. Communists pretend that actual history of several communist countries banning Hebrew from the USSR, Cuba and Ethiopia is just a mere random chance. Hebrew just happens to be the language of Jewish prayer.

The Duck pretends that there is a difference between Jews and Zionists. Almost all Jews are Zionists with a small but rater vocal exception of the Satmar. Communists are not Jews in any rational definition. The religious overtones of communism are noted. One is not a communist in the same manner one is Republican or member of a coherent political party. People who have converted to Islam or Christianity are not Jews either.

Thus we have the spectacle of communists undergoing a Torquemada style inquisition with genuine show trial. I have read the transcripts of spineless commie clowns desperately fawning to save their spines. They all try to stab each other in the back and prove their fealty to Communism. The obscene charges are Jewish Nationalim and meeting with zionists like Chaim Weitzman or Golda Meir. At one point the Torquemada clown even lectures Feffer the weasel about the Holocaust.

This is part of the mental pathology of communism. A normal man like Mr B, Warren , Farmer John or myself would never permit anyone to tell us what to think or do or whom to meet. In fact any Communist who would ever try this act on me would be quite sorry. You keep waiting for the doomed to grow a spine and say drop dead. However, commies are not men and merely internalize the most assinine musings of the great leader. The doomed are hardly sympathetic
and miss a chance to die like men. Thus like the sheeple they plead guilty to Jewish nationalism and meetings with Zionists. The meeting were okayed by the commie clowns themselves.

Sorry but killing so called Jews for ethnic/ nationalist pride is far more odious than the Black list, McCarthyism or any other victim story. This is the Communist equivalent of the Spanish Inquisition or lynching.

The spirit of these lynchings go on today as amatuer Torquemadas of the far left rail about zionism with the same bloodlustand self righteous impeiousness as the Stalinists. Commies merely added wrinles about neocon cabals to the classic formula. All the worlds suffering revolves around a contrived ethnicity and actual history is tossed to the wind.


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

People who have converted to Islam or Christianity are not Jews either.

Better not tell Jesus or his disciples.

beakerkin said...

Mr B

Classic Christianity in its original concept is the completion of the Judaic prophecies as embodied by Jesus. It is Judaism in it fulfilled post Messiah stage. The essence of your statement is largely correct. The earliest of followers considered themselves Jews.

After Constantine this has changed and an illogical division and hostility to Jews emerged from an odd concept. Loving the savior as the fulfillment of Judaic prophecies while loathing his people and the traditions that this fulfillment emenates from is ilogical. Thus there was some movement in many Churches to return to a more natural understanding of Jesus.

Some churches claim that God's covenant with the Jews has been replaced with that of Chritians.
The term is progressive dispenationalim and is most commonly found in Churches that seem to think the Communist Manifesto is in the Church cannon.
Zola Levitt preached against this as a form of apostasy hostile to true Christianity itself.

According to Classic Chritianity you are 100% correct.

Ducky's Here said...

Wave goodbye to Rudy, Beak.

But don't worry, I figure he made a deal with John "Drool Cup" McCain and will be the next Homeland Security secretary, passing out all that pork. He is very qualified to handle that level of corruption.

Ducky's Here said...

Who's Feffer the Weasel? I can't keep up with all the animals in this menagerie.

Ducky's Here said...

Although I have to give it to The Beak. Sometimes he reads like La Pasionaria denouncing the alleged anarchotrotskyist "putsch".

Sure you weren't in Barcelona in 1937, Beak?

The Pagan Temple said...

The anti-Semitism of Christianity comes from the New Testament Gospels of the Bible. I know that's a hard pill to swallow, but it's the truth. Pick up a copy and read it sometime.

beakerkin said...


The anti semitism stems from Constantine and not the scripture. Early Christians prayed in the same houses of worship with Jews.

Moreover, those denominations that are hostile tend to be those that preach a fusion of Marxist idiocy ala
liberation theology or its protestant inane coralaries.

KuhnKat said...


the best part of the hypocritical Hollyweird Commies is that they whine about how all the Blacklisted types were treated sooooo horribly when in reality they all went on vacation to Europe to be treated like Revolutionary Heroes by all their ignorant friends and fellow travelers. Unlike McCarthy, who died broken, they all did very well for themselves. In fact, some of them hated the US and its inquisition sooo much they assumed names and came back to Hollyweird where they resumed their successful careers.

SOB!!! It is such a heart rending story!!!