Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jonah goldberg's Liberal Fascism Mussolini

Those of us familiar with demented far left types like Ren, 167 and the Duck often hear the term fascist bandied quite often in their rabid anti- semitic musings. In their cases being an actual fascist
would be a form of self improvement. Communists hurling epithets at anyone is quite amusing.

Our perception of Fascism is warped by a Stalinistic tendency to call anyone who is anti communist
a fascist. Actual fascism is clearly rooted in socialism and our understanding of Mussolini is often skewed by his disasterous alliance with Hitler.

Commies live in a fantasy land where Nationality does not exist. Communism as Goldberg and others present it is a religion. Mussolini was clearly a socialist and his variant was nationalistic and more pragmatic than the familiar types.

Communism, Nazism and Fascism are not polar opposites but competitors. One should hardly be surprised to learn Dubois spoke favorably about Nazism. Sanger, whom the left praises, saw abortion as part of an American eugenics movement. Commies also have frequent rivalries that are part of the pathology. In the demented world of Commies, brand x frequently kills brand y.
One can liken this to mafia crime families, but the mafia is a well run in comparison to communist debacles.

Goldberg goes through the actual policies of Mussolini and they are indeed far left. Mussolini was admired by many in the USA before WW2. The turning point was his invasion of Ethiopia and even that was justified by some of his American followers. Like Arafat he justified the violence of his followers to pursue his power. It should be noted that Communist, Socialists had their own street gangs, just they were run with typical commie acumen.

The chapter is interesting and I will be reading chapter 2 about Hitler in round two of jury duty.
As someone who runs procedings, I am appalled by the idiocy of the jury selection proceedings.
Asking the same questions over and over should be considered cruel and unusual punishment.
I am starting to wonder if civil cases should be handled by judges only.


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Man, I've got to get a hold of this book.

Sounds like I can stop ranting and hit people with copies of it.

Ducky's Here said...

Once more Beak's solipsism becomes a great show.

Come on Beak, snap out of it.

nanc said...

did you see him last hight on h&c?

that asshat colmes wouldn't even let him speak and didn't even read the book!

KuhnKat said...

The best part of the Commie Fascist split was that they were running insurgencies, civil wars... on each other over fewer TALKING POINTS than separate the Dimmicrats and Republicrats!!


So Ducktard, who would you have preferred to win in Spain??

nanc said...

come on, kuhnkat - you know the plucktard prefers a caste system!


well, a caste system where his kind are at the top of the food chain...

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Y'all really didn't expect Ducky to have an intelligent reply, did you?

How many times has he told you he's a leftist now?

KuhnKat said...


You mean he prefers the Hindis over the Christians and Muslims??


Oh well, they are burning and killing Christians too!!

Ducky's Here said...

Beamish, I have posted before that I would have been with the Social Democrats. They were supporters of the Republic and did not want radical changes to property rights.

Now, you and Rambokat go off and make yourself proud with the Condor Legion.

KuhnKat said...

And how many people died because the monarchists, socialists, and fascists just couldn't seem to get it together and sing Kumbaya??

In fact, don't we still hear the occasional BOOM from that direction?

But hey, they ARE trying to become good Dhimmis!!


It is just AMAZING how many people DIE when Religions of Peace and Utopian Political movements show up!! Any one figured out why yet??