Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Secret Pelosi Proceedings on Blog Avatar Use of Performance Enhancing Drugs

Pelosi: Beakerambo have you ever used any performance enhancing drugs to boost readership.
Beakerambo: Who me me meep me
Pelosi: Yes you.
Beakerambo: Me mi me meep?
Pelosi: Yes you answer the question and stop stuttering.
Beakerambo: Me me meep Harpy $^%&* &%&* Meep
Pelosi: That will be twenty days for contempt. Have a nice day imbecile next up Beakerkin.
Beakerkin: Stuttering is a speech impediment covered under the Americans with disabilities act.
Pelosi: Those acts are only there like quotas when they serve our agenda. We need them to keep out Jews and Asians out of MIT so mediocre legacy White trash like Ted Kennedy, Gomer Kerry
and bug eyed radicals like the Clintons can have the exclusive club.
How do you explain Beakerkin's physique and er endowment....
Beakerkin: Beakerambo stays in shape by carrying around Mr B's arsenal. Mr B's huge cache of weapons are needed for production numbers. As far as the endowment Mariah Carey, Gweneth Paltrow and others would be more appropriate to ask. However, we never found out if Mariah ever noticed actor Bruno Amato was not Beakerambo. Bruno did not seem bothered by the confusion either. He seemed to enjoy getting the girl for a change instead of playing wrestling coaches and criminals.
Pelosi: You mean he didn't mind Beakerambo's dreadful dialouge?
Beakerkin: No he complained at first then changed his mind when he saw the fringe benefits. He also walked off the set with Mariah Carey and hasn't been seen since. We never did get around to
seeing him disembowel commies, blow up things, crash into walls like Beakerambo.
Pelosi: Your site has been accused of subliminal anti Communism
Beakerkin: There is nothing subliminal about our anti Communist message. Communists are evil and are depicted as such in the blog.
Pelosi: You may join your avatar in Leavenworth for thirty day.

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