Friday, January 04, 2008

The Empress Has No Clothes

The dirty little secret of Hillary's loss is that outside of media elites nobody likes her. Even in NYC when she ran for Senate with far less experience than Obama, her supporters could never give a coherent reason to vote for her. When she ran for re-election her supporters never were able to point to anything she has done for NYC. The truth is that in any comparison to Chuck Schumer, Hillary has proven to be a waste of a Senate seat.

Hillary will now unleash whatever negatives about Obama that her cronies have. The Obama is not a real Black man bit comes from her media allies. We have heard the bit about Obama smoking crack and his father being a polygamist who probably commited immigration fraud. However, in light of all the Clinton scandals Chinagate, selling pardons, cattle futures, perjury and the probable
rape of Juanita Broderick it will fall on deaf ears.

What does Hillary stand for? The best guess is that she stands for anything the polls state. She is just not a likeable person and is entirely a creation of media spin experts and lackeys. How can we elect a President to deal with terrorist when she won't even sit for an interview with Sean Hannity where she might asked a tough question.

Hillary will still win the election because her allies in the media will work 24/7 on her behalf. Barak Obama is many things I do not agree with, but whatever positions he takes come from his heart. The Clintonian argument that Obama lacks experience is a joke considering Hillary has never run a thing, passed zero legislation and is a local joke compared to her peer.

The Empress has no clothes, ideas, friends ( save big media), personality or experience.

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Always On Watch said...

An outstanding essay--one of your best ever.

How can we elect a President to deal with terrorist when she won't even sit for an interview with Sean Hannity where she might asked a tough question.

Of course. But she will likely get elected anyway. That will be a very sorry day for America.

nanc said...

2 thessalonians 2....

sonia said...

I am glad Obama won in Iowa. He's the best among Democrats.

Ducky's Here said...

Well that's true, Beak. But leftists despise her because she's a conservative, hawkish,corporate stoogel who kisses Likuds arse at every opportunity.

I have no idea why she upsets the right though as always they are being guided by emotion and not reason.

Justin said...

have you people not figured this out yet. It is her God Given right becasue after all she is "Hillary" and it is her turn to control the litter box.

Its all those damned vast left winged conspricacies that are causing all this fracas and giving Obama the edge.

I'm not so sure her media cronies will be as effective as people give them credit for. The people of this country are a little smarter than you give them credit for. They dont always fall for the darlings of the media. Outside of Congress and the President the media is the least trusted entity in this country.

Anonymous said...

*MY EYES!!!!!*

Always On Watch said...

Off topic....Check this posting over at IBA.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


Just because Hillary Clinton doesn't publicly goosestep and hum the Horst Wessel Song in traffic doesn't mean she's not a leftist.

Give her a chance. She hates Jews almost as much as you do.