Monday, January 07, 2008

Who tossed the water on Hillary?

Part of the problem with egomaniacs is that they surround themselves with flunkies. Hillary's melt down, ala the Wicked Witch of the West was predictable. She counted on her media allies to cover
her basic weaknesses. The truth is she is not like able and the coronation bit irritates the average Joe. Hillary's kid glove treatment and the planted question scandals doomed her.

Her sole factor for her votes were electability. The Obama campaign has correctly dispelled that myth and there was zero reason to vote for her.

Hillary's problem is she can not attack Obama directly without endangering her base. Therefore her media allies will release a scandal after a crushing loss in NH. Unless the scandal is a knock out the fat lady has sung and it may be lights out for Hillary. Hopefully, after the loss she will leave NY and publish another idiotic tract.

This should not be seen as an endorsement of Obama. I disagree with Obama on every issue. However, his emergence has caused the Commies to twitch like Linda Blair in the excorcist. Obama offers a Pro-American strain of the left that doesn't bow and grovel to the whims of the imbeciles in Old Europe. Given the bad choice in the Democratic contest he is a better prospect than more Clintonian corruption or the ambulance chaser.

There never was a Clinton legacy anywhere outside of big media. Clinton was a failed President who stood for nothing. The Clinton fatigue factor is a serious problem.


Elmer's Brother said...

the inevitability factor has disappeared for Hillary

so are you picking the Patriots?

Anonymous said...

How much will Obama in '08 be like Carter in '76

beakerkin said...

FJ The Carter analogy may be correct.
Plenty of people are just fed up with the Clintons. The moment may be similar to 1976 where after Watergate
a mistake was made.

However Obama may not hold up well under direct scrutiny.

Elmer The Patriots barely beat the Giants. I think they are going down
probably this week.

Always On Watch said...

Even the WaPo carried an article about how Slick Willy's legacy is slipping away. These new voters don't seem to like him.