Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Communist Inquisition of Jews

Communists like to live in a fantasy world. In their warped delusions the Rosenbergs, McCarthy and the Hollywood black list were all part of an American anti-semitic plot. The Rosenbergs were Stalinist slaves and commies are not Jews, Americans and so forth. Communists were and are still
advocating class genocide, property theft and the violent overthrow of the US government.

The ultimate expression of this inane idiocy is the imicille Joel Kovel who pretends to be a "green"who just coincedentally writes on two commie themes anti-communism and cartoonish zionist obsessions. Lets see according to the deranged Kovel Native Americans were the first victims of American anti communism. This statement represents the deranged Kovel's view of Native Americans that seems more rooted in Mazzola commercials than fact. Perhaps the only elements of Native American life that resembled communism were displayed by a few tribes that practiced non stop warfare, human sacrafice, slavery and theft of property via raids. Native Americans also depended on trade and hard work. In almost all cases they were themselves and the claim of Kovel is actually a commie attempt to steal history from its rightful owners, Native Americans.

Kovel also claims anti communism is anti semitic but anti zionism is not anti semitic.

Commies of all stripes including Trotskyites are rabidly anti semitic. One can see the familiar obsessions with zionism before Stalin. Jewish nationalism is always taboo, but nationalism of contrived ethnicities is the vanguard cause. Pan Arabism is a commie clasic where everyone other than Jooos are one happy family and need to expell them joooos to create more judenfrei real estate. We see these familiar obsessions in commie claims about neocon cabals and 9-11 conspiracies or zionist media.

While Motel and his compariots where crying about American anti-semitism. Their communist masters were killing Jews on absurd charges of zionism and Trotskyism. Both terms were convenient cover commie anti semitic obsessions. While Arthur Miller waxed about American witch hunts in the Crucible he ignored genuine anti semitic witch hunts in his beloved Soviet Union. This is more amazing considering his aquaintance with some of the victims.

One can read the sad tale of Commie Inquisitors baiting the doomed at show trials straight out of cartoonish depictions of the Spanish Inquisition. Genuine torture, blackmail and assasination were used as commies devoured each other in an anti semitic blood lust. The victims were not innocent as they were clearly communists who endorsed class genocide onto others. However, the trumped up charges of zionist, Trotskyite cabals were clearly code words for lets lynch dem jooos. Except that commies cease to be Jews the second they join the ranks of class genocide advocates. Their deaths while individually tragic serve as a reminder of the Jew obsessions of communist. One could take solace in that if the deranged traitorous ever came to power in America people like Kovel, Chomsky and oben fuhrer Norman Finkelstein would die similarly when the winds of their fetid Communist faith demanded human sacrafice.

I encourage you to read the testimony of the doomed in Stalin's secret pogrom. Think of commie Inquisitors and rats devouring their own. Then ponder that the commie obsession with Jews predates Zionism and stems from Marx's own mental pathological bigotry. The obsession continues today with a few odd terms added in for good measure.


Ducky's Here said...

This might even be an interesting topic, Beak but until you stop conflating Judaism and zionism there is no possibility of dialog.

You need to get out of your cage.

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...


Doubleplus loudscream hate Emmanuel Goldstein neocon telescreen prolefeed.

Doubleplus louadscream!

Ducky's Here said...

Who's Kovel? He sounds sufficiently delirious to be Beamish's running mate.

kuhnkat said...


you always seem to lose interest when you are getting your tail feathers plucked!!

Ducktard, you really need to give up on the idea that your limited PERSONAL contacts and experiences largely model the WHOLE WORLD!!


A lovely example of how insane the Greens are is that the Sierra Club and others SUPPORT OPEN BORDERS!!!!

This is the largest increase in population, and therefore RESOURCE USAGE, pollution, and (GASP) CO2 production currently occurring in this country.

Now, how are we to explain this split personality in one of the most VICIOUS anti groups in the country??

Well, Beak answered it. They are backed and, to a large extent, made up of commies, socialists, and other Utopians that can only see the destruction of the Freedom of the US as their real goal!!!!

The Pagan Temple said...

The Greens are idiots. They managed to win control of a California town a few years back, and what did they do? Did they try to improve services or otherwise try to conduct the business of the city in a reasonable and responsible manner? No, they spent their time trying to do away with a hundred year old statue of William McKinley.