Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Yearning

As time passes I become far more cynical. I have grown to understand the need of many to find order in life. I have never been particularly religious as my world is that of history, facts and results. I understand that my lack of interest in the spiritual realm is not the norm.

Most people do have spiritual needs. This is not a human weakness and normal religious values are a true gift. There are things that just can not be added and divided on balance sheets. A normal religious outlook is a life afirming joy.

There is the notion mainly among Commies and aethiest that they are superior to the primitive followers of Judeo Christian religions. This falacy that an enlightened elite would rule by divine right as heirs to the sacred truth has proved deadly. Communism is but one strain of the cult of Utopian temple of death. The utopians seek wisdom in an army of technocrats but those who pray at the temple of reason have been found to be less moral in actuality.

Islam is not a religion as we understand religion. In fact it has more in common with Communism
than Christianity. Both Communism and Islam dream of transforming man and conquering the planet. Both Communism and Islam need an other to justify its failures. Can't produce an economy that works blame Israel, Jews and the USA for your failures. Can't produce an economy with meat on the store shelves blame US boycotts and decades long dictators for your failures. Communists also subject those who do not share their warped pseudo religious views to their laws.

There are decent Muslims like Stephen Schwartz. Schwartz is the Islam the left dreams of but can not accept. Schwartz does not talk of insane cabals nor America as the source of global evil.
One of the serious problems with Islam is the far left populist demogogary of victimhood. The notion of being in the vanguard of a billion of rabid anti western fanatics is too aluring to the far left. Thus far left types need to stoke dissent even if the rest of us die to advance their fantasies.


Anonymous said...

Islam is a thousand times more advanced than communism. Communism as an idealogy isn't worth the spit on an Imam's jackboots.

nanc said...

beak - the fact that you allude to faith in others shows that you at least ponder religion.

G-d and eternity is written on every heart - i used to shush G-d while pursuing my own thing, knowing He was there like a patient suitor.

one day i could NOT ignore Him any longer - that was the day i really began living.

kuhnkat said...


You really need to explain exactly WHAT Islam has to offer that Communism hasn't??


Anonymous said...

Worship of something "higher" than Stalin.

nanc said...

funny - i would have thought the non-prophet pedophile and stalin were birds of a feather...

Kuhnkat said...


worshipping something that would send a deranged pedophile to create a hell on earth is better than Stalin??


I'm with Nanc,