Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Tiger Woods Noose Scandal

An editor was fired for a rather stupid and lame attempt at comedy involving Tiger Woods and a noose. The joke was in really bad taste and above all was a poor worn cliche.

Racial remarks really are uncalled for and I am quite steady on this one. There are some who think calling Condi Rice Aunt Jemimah or Ellie Weisel "Shoah Pimps" is funny. I have never shared that sentiment and find the practice vile.

Had the editor smashed a Buick or made fun of the numerous endorsements of Tiger Woods this would have been funny. The best way to stop Tiger Woods is to set up a comercial for Metamucil.

Bigotry is not funny.


kuhnkat said...

I still think of a lynching for an accused horse thief, murderer, or rapist in the OLD WEST when I see a noose.

Sorry, I jut don't identify with the TOTAL FOCUS ON RACE for a lot of these symbols.

kuhnkat said...


you got a rant. When I was young we were taught a saying I am sure that all of you have heard.

Sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me.

We all know that this is untrue. The vicious things we can say and draw can hurt immensely, BUT, it helped us to shrug off insults and continue on.

The Nanny Victim State has turned this on its head and keeps insults in our faces 24/7 so that they NEVER lose their bite. If the ACLU, people like Dimmis, Rev Al and Jesse and the rest of the bleeding brains just ignored it, do you think all these names and symbols could hold a hundredth of the pain and viciousness they held 100 years ago??

We are training people to be extra sensitive to insults instead of ignoring them. Why do we allow this idiocy to continue?

We have gotten to the point that those same Liberals who scream about their speech being limited are forcing the courts to limit it even further!!! Hurt my feelings? If I am a minority I'll slap you with a lawsuit!!! How soon before ANY of us can sue for feeling threatened, HURT FEELINGS, being made to feel UNCOMFORTABLE!!!!

Supporting people in their hurt feelings does NOT help them to get over it and GROW UP!!!!!

This is part of the package Conversatives are talking about when they tell Lefties they need to allow the adults to handle things. Christianity calls it turning the other cheek. I wonder how many of those Lefty Evangelicals realise the irony in their supporting the ACLU and radical left in these witch hunts for racist speech??


Ducky's Here said...

I don't think there is anything "funny" about Condo Rice and Elie Weisel. They are both self serving twits.

beakerkin said...


Racial and ethnic slurs are not funny.You need to knock it off. I am certain if one of us made a similar
comment about Barney Frank it would be a scandal.

kuhnkat said...


Which is better, making certain words a jailable offense, or making money off comedy like the Cable Guy and others do making fun of White Trash, Trailer Trash (like me), and other RedNecks??



I would also suggest that it allows us to better evaluate those using the words. If you suppress you never know what people REALLY think!!

Aren't we supposed to bring out issues and talk about them rather than suppressing them where they will just fester and grow?? If you smack down someone every time they say something you are only making the problem WORSE!!

Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

Free speech allows lies to be told.

It allows the truth to be told as well.

Hence a leftist calling a right winger or a conservative a "fascist" is at odds with the documented historical leftist origins and the documented historical leftist practitioners of fascism, yet this slander continues to this day. I snapped off an interesting program about the avionics of the Nazi Me-109 the other day because of the "Nazis were right-wing" narrative.

It's bullshit.

Cry bullshit while you can.

Christopher King said...

Yah, nooses don't carry racist connotations, that's why the Jena 6 should have felt comfortable when they appeared in the tree where all the whites ummm.... hung out. What a stupid comment.

I suppose Jews shouldn't mind the imagery of a Treblinka oven (more difficult to replicate on the spot) either.

And the black Professor who received a noose around her door, she should have jumped for joy!

Lastly, your argument about "trailer trash" and white folks doesn't hold too well either because historically in this country even the dirtiest trailer trash white folks were still held in higher esteem that the cleanest black folks.

Now if you want to see a noose story that is incendiary for other reasons, read this one: