Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mythology and Rabid Dogs

Far left types like to cling to a myth of the popular antiwar protestor. They claim American political classes manipulate the country into wars that are not in their interest. What is on display is the disconnect between leftist fantasies and reality.

The actual peace protests are led by Communists who have created a plethora of fake groups to hide their identity. ANSWER, UPJ and Code Pink are just some of these groups that are created to dupe the American people into serving communist objectives. I have been to many so called Peace Protests and what Pseudostine, KFC, housing and Mummia have to do with the Iraq war probably require drugs to comprehend.

The actual protesters did not know who these groups were and were mortified when they found out about Communist leadership. Commies try to exploit these numbers to inflate their delusions about their popularity. Many of these people were angry at communists for their dishonesty and exploitation.

The garbage about political classes is mindless far left claptrap for we are 1% of the population and get nowhere outside of University gulags and elite media. America does indeed have an entrentched political class and it is the far left types who are exponentially over represented in higher ed where amazingly Alan Dershowitz has been called a conservative based solely on his support for Israel. Obviously his decades of Civil Liberterian work goes over the collective minds of the far left bobble heads.

The actual tragedy of those who seek peace is that allowing commies to lead them has hurt their cause. When a Rob Bayn or Jams ODonnel disagrees with the war it is a far different dissent from an unhinged John Brown/LWB or Renegade Eye. Honest dissent starts from the premise that there is a problem with terrorism, but this is not the best policy. However, this is not what one sees at peace protests.

The far left also clings to the myth that they are now greens, anarchists or Trotskyites depending on levels of moral decay. Anarchists are clowns and even dog packs have leaders. Try to get anarchists to explain how roads, hospitals and schools appear out of thin air without tax bases for fun. They are also great for being served up Old Yeller style when Commies consolidate power. Unlike lab rats anarchists never learn from this experience. This label is also used by actual commies to conceal their identity. Trotskyites live in a fantasy world where all the evils of Communism are lumped onto Stalin, Mao or anyone who fails. They leave out the part about the crimes against humanity commited by Lennin and Trotsky.

Greens are often Commies hiding under a new label like former Maoist Norman Finkelstein who claims to be a green. Maybe his green is the color of the caliphate flag, but his actual green positions are anyones guess. Joel Kovel is another classic commie hiding behind the green label. ....Anti communism is a form of anti semitism but anti zionism is not anti-semitic or American Indians were the first victims of American anti communism. Somewhere Chief Joseph must be wondering what is in the pipe Kovel smokes, seriously. Greens live in a eco utopia which is paradise never was in reality. Native Americans did not tiptoe through the tulips or commune with nature. This happens only in Mazzola or Land O Lakes commercials. Being an Indian required hard work and if an Indian was tip toeing through the forrest he was more than likely hunting something. Like any other groups preindustrial people had slavery, human sacrafice and this green fantasy owes more to the delusions of French Revolutionaries (predecessors of Commies) than to reality. FYI Thomas Jefferson laughed at this idiocy as well as other odd European delusions.

One can not have honest discussion with rabid dogs. The great Richard Poe stated "tis no great feat to discern a honest man from a knave." The words he said to me when I disagreed with him over gun control were true then. I also read his excellent book the seven myths of gun control and no longer cling to the old misinformed views.

Beamish in 08.


Ducky's Here said...

Dershowitz is a libertarian retard. He is not a leftist in any regard.

LanceThruster said...

I too wondered what some of the other causes were doing at anti-war rallies but it is merely a venue to try to reach people concerned with issues of justice. As far as I'm concerened, the particular political groups supporting peace and justice issues are less important than the issues themselves.

Furthermore, it reflects poorly on whatever groups you do feel are worthwhile that they are not outspoken on issues of peace and justice.

In typical neo-fascist fashion Beak, you seek to dehumanize the opposition in that you equate them with "rabid dogs." The neo-cons can be characterized in a very human manner; "fascists."

Farmer John said...

Alinsky's Rules for Radicals #1 beakerkin.

Farmer John said...

One can not have honest discussion with rabid dogs.

Alinsky's Rule #5 for Radicals precludes that possibility.

Farmer John said...

mr. ducky,

He's Jewish. Doesn't that automatically make him a neocon? Especially given his torture stance...

or are you avoiding Jewish stereotypes today?

nanc said...

o.t. beak, and the pluckster if he happens by...

beakerkin said...

Lance Thuster

In your case being an actual fascist would represent a form of self improvement. An actual Jooo obsessed commie clown who is a slavish fan of Maoist Norman Finkelstein is the definition of rabid dog.

Do you have any idea of the magnitude of a commie getting fired four times in higher ed? That is an actual feat of monumental proportions. Finky calls himself a green as do many commie dolts. I guess paradise never was is not the home of anti-semitic Commie clowns.

FYI Feel free to post at Stormfront
where the posts are identical to your generic idiocy.

Have you got a real job or are you still collecting guns and masquerading as the "atheist" Chaplain at USC. I am going to have
to write a post Beavis and Buttrey.

LanceThruster said...

Beak - you embody the worst traits of a brownshirt and a Hasbara parrot. Mix in a generous dose of infantilism and what you wind up with is "The Beak Shreaks".