Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Break out the tin foil hats, mescaline and preperation H

The lesson of yesterdays polls is that sometimes pollsters get it wrong. Pollsters sometimes take incorrect samples or ask the wrong questions.

The princess of Darkness pulled off what appears to be an upset. That means either all the polsters were wrong or that people will not admit they are going to vote for Hillary in public. The second bit is true and was a factor in the polls being wrong in her first Senate race. There was also alot of election chicanery including at least 2,000 people who voted in NYC and Palm Beach county FL alone, the New Square Fiasco and a few stories of dead people voting in Harlem. These stories while true did not effect the overall election. The conspiracy crowd forgets that almost all election fraud is done by Democrat party activists, precisely those most apt to be Clintonistas.

Polling is not an exact science and sometimes it is very wrong. It only becomes conspiracy fodder when George Bush wins in areas key to elections.

What likely happened is part of a combination of the following events.

1 Independents were over represented in the sample.
2 Younger voters were over represented
3 The unusualy warm weather and Clinton Doom stories boosted turnout among Clintonistas or party hacks.
4 People are ashamed to admit they are voting for Hillary. She is loathsome and is a party hack
and they should be ashamed to admit this in public.

Now Hillary's media brigade will spin the Hillary is back from the dead bit. You have seen the Hillary in tears, trying to refute the perception of her as inhuman. There will be an Obama scandal on the way and it will be big.

Obama is not smart enough to turn this around. He needs to campaign against Hillary and the main stream media.

The lesson is the polls are often very wrong. Prepare for a series of nauseating Hillary is human and likeable stories.


Ducky's Here said...

Won't happen Beak, Hillary is almost as unlikeable as "Struttin' with My Chippy" Gouliani and the press can't change that.

Always On Watch said...

Catchy title, Beak1

Farmer John said...

The fact that there were reports that she was thinking of "quitting" if she lost NH also served to turn out a lot of Shrillary supporters who normally would have stayed home.