Friday, January 25, 2008

Human Misery to perpetuate a Myth

Commies like G pretend that the only people on the planet who suffer are the Pseudostinians in Gaza. On a comedic level the Gazans under seige because their terrorist government allows daily missile launches still have more food than the Cubans, Zimbabweans and North Koreans. While
the despot in Caracas donates oil to the Kennedy clan for PR his people can't find produce and crime is through the roof. The victims of communism remain invisible while the true faithful cling to a myth of fake indigenous people.

The residents of Gaza are and always were Egyptian. The notion that they transmogrified into a distinct ethnicity is commie fiction. The residents of Gaza were actual Egyptian citizens who some how become Palestinians because Commies and their Arab Nationalist allies felt that Arab Nationalism and yet another Arab Judenfrei state wouldn't be marketable in the salons of Europeand in the Gulags of higher ed. Thus people who thought of themselves as Southern Syrians become Jordanians in 1920 after 70% of the territory was made Jedenfrei, despite the fact that Jews lived in Jordan long before Mohammed was a concept. The same Jordanians in the West Bank suddenly become Pseudostinians .

What the basis of this mythical ethnicity is remains a mystery? It is not race, language, culture, historical identity or religion? A Pseudostinian unlike a Kurd or a Basque has neither a unique language or historical identity. In fact your average Indian or African tribe has a greater claim to an ethnicity that Psuedostinians. On any objective measure the residents of Texas or Brooklyn
NY also have greater claim to an ethnicity.

The fable of the Palestinian ethnicity was contrived by N ASSer a communist stooge who placed an Egyptian thug named Arafat in control. Syrian Baathists also tried to create their own rival Pseudostinian groups as well. The Baathists are governed by a non Muslim clique and need Israel to justify their myth of Pan Arab unity. However, if Pan Arabism is real than the case for Pseudostine remains a myth.

The commies, Arabs and their far left allies allowed generations of Arabs to languish in refugee camps to perpetuate this myth. The joke is that their myth has perpetuated itself and the misery when the problems could have been solved long ago. Let the Egyptians annex Gaza and eliminate Hammas. End the deception and myth of fake ethnicities and call Gazans what they were from the first moment Egyptians. Then call the Arabs in refugee camps citizens of whatever country they are in presently.

The myth of Pseudostine as created by the far left and their Arab Nationalist allies is the actual cause of the decades of people in poverty. FYI The Pseudostinians are mostly Arab Muslims with a 1400 year history of opressing actual indigenous people including Jews, Christians and other groups. One has to suspend all historical facts, logic and reasoning to come up with Arabs as being oppressed by anyone. This is akin to claiming Black slaves oppressed their white masters in the South or that Native Americans oppressed whites.


Anonymous said...

Israel need to permently seal their borders with Gaza and walk away from supplying a single schekle more to the PA. And to get the missiles to stop, Israel needs to place thousands of indiscrimate dumb rockets of comparable size on their border and launch them into Gaza at a 2:1 ratio as counter-fire battery within 5 minutes of every Egyptian launch against Israel.

Anonymous said...

Okay, not 2:1... keep it 1:1 but quadruple the warhead yield!

kuhnkat said...

Actually Farmer, the Israelis need to start at the North end of the Gaza strip and push EVERYTHING into Egypt.

At that time they can rebuild their fence and start negotiating with the Egyptians for compensation for the damage the Pseudostinians have done to the Jewish Homeland and for the losses incurred when the Islamic countries purged the Jews in the late 40' to early 50's. If there are too many arguments or sabre rattling they should push all non-citizens in the West Bank into Jordan/Syria/Lebanon/Saudi Arabia and start the same procedure over again.

Compensation for terror attacks and other criminal activity over the years should be settled before INDIVIDUALS are allowed to immigrate back to Israel with appropriate oaths of allegiance.

In fact, Arab and Islamic countries in general should have to pass laws making Freedom of Religion absolute and equality for all ethnicities before ANY Muslims are allowed into Israel for ANY reason!!!

No access to Mecca for infidels, no access to Israel for Islam.

The UN should also be forced to support equality for all peoples and religions, not just for Islam and LEFTARDS!!!

If they can kill for their Utopia, we can kill them when they try to enforce it!!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a plan!