Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lance Thruster for beginers

Those of you who post at BE know that a variety of anti Semites frequent the site. Dr Yeagley is often very patient with people who really don't deserve it. The BE anti Semites are mostly far left but there are often Stormfront types and stupid kids. There was one anti Semitic clown named Pancho whose writings are just too funny to be annoying.

Enter Lance Thruster, the generic communist anti Semitic clown and bore. Do know that one of the easiest ways to discern someone who is a sincere supporter of Palestinians from an anti Semite is
that the anti Semites are quick to start quoting Maoist Dr Finkelstein. The level of anti-Semitic obsession is directly related to the amount of times Finkelstein is quoted.

Thruster is a mono focused Finkelstein groupie whose one note rants wore out the patience of Dr Yeagley. Yeagley will tell anyone who asks that I have spoke in favor of allowing anti-Semitic trolls to remain. In fact I have never urged the Dr to ban anyone.

One can find the clownish statements of Thruster spread like diarrhea on pro Israel and Jewish sites all over the web. You will also find his slavish devotion to Norman Finkelstein well doccumented. At various times he claims to be a friend and at other times his story changes.

Thruster's absurd moniker clearly sounds like a clear case of phallic over compensation. Sorry
but the no joke about my pen name is as funny as Lance Thruster third rate porn star wanna be.

Thruster is quite fond of national disgrace Noam Chomsky. Chomsky is from the Communist school of LSD history. Such classics as making up Truman quotes and getting caught would result in dismissal of PHD student by Noam keeps sinking lower. The classics of Phantom US-Nazi alliances while ignoring a real Communist/Nazi alliance to divide Central Europe is another classic blunder. Calling eye witnesses to the Killing Fields in Cambodia based upon a Communist source in Australia with a readership of less than 100. We could do posts of Chomsky attrocities but Thwuster remains a devoted acolyte.

Thruster works as the "aethiest" chaplain at USC. This must be akin to the higher ed version of
the Maytag repairman or the Admiral of the Swiss Navy. If you wanted a cartoon image of what is wrong in higher ed Thruster fits the bill. Lets see a rabid Joo obsessed anti semitic communist
who oddly is a gun nut.

The typical incoherent comment from statement from Thruster includes classic cliches as calling yours trully a fascist and saying Nazis are also anti-semitic. Thruster ignores the reality that his comments and obsessions are identical to Neonazis on Stormfront, not mine. The folks at Stormfront also share his obsession with both Finky and Chomsky.

Do not expect anything intelligent from Thruster who is a one note bore.


Mr. Beamish the Kakistocrat said...

I see you've caught the unwanted affections of another leftist.

Keep spurning them, Beak. They go away, eventually.

beakerkin said...

Unlike the Duck who is interesting Thruster is a bore. Thruster seems to think that there is this vast conspiracy to get Finky. Finky has never published anything that comes close to a peer reviewed article. Getting fired four times is a genuine feat for commies in higher ed.

Concerned citizen said...

This guy has recently appeared on a USC sports website of all places spewing his garbage. Problem with youth is its predicated on being young.

Thruster, a professional rebel-rouser, no doubt.

The more we point out the silliness of his cut and paste, first year western civ arguments, the better for discourse in general.