Sunday, January 13, 2008

The other Holocaust Denial and Man as God

Most of us are against Holocaust deniers. Even shameful far left types tend to avoid them. Yet they will embrace 9/10 of the message so long as it is placed in Communist verbiage. The reason commies love Norman Finkelstein is that he repeats 90% of the material of Holocaust Deniers without claiming the Holocaust never existed. Finkelstein's claim is that most survivors are fakes echoes that of the Holocaust deniers. The other part is that is Jews have used the Holocaust to extort money from Europe and prevent any discussion of Israeli policies. As Israel is constantly held to standards no other country is held to, except for the USA, this is amusing. This last part is verbatim what the Holocaust deniers say almost word for word. When the cafeteria commissars endorse Finkelstein they are endorsing the planets most notorious anti-semite. Nor was the post written on free speech grounds.

The Holocaust was evil but the victims of Communism are almost invisible. We have the sons of class genocide pretending that their brand x Communism has nothing to do with previous disasters. The party line is that each new Communism will be the one that corrects the mistakes of the others. We hear the protests about Stalin, but there was plenty of killing prior to Stalin.
Trotsky would be tried as a war criminal for his policies. Nor is he immune from the crimes commited by the state he created subsequent to the loss of power.

The pattern of needless death is quite evident on any basic inspection of the record of Communism.However, the other problem is that leftists routinely serve their communist masters. The PR spots of Hugo Chavez are run by a Kennedy clown. This should not be surprising in light of Ted Kennedy's policies in the Vietnam war started by his brother and vocal support for the Sandinazis er Sandanistas. Even the salon type of Euro leftist Beatroot pretends that Communism in Poland was evil, but somehow different in Hugo's blunderland.

Communist dementia works like this a bridge collapse in MN is a symbol that American vales are on collapse...... However, when people starve to death in Zimbabwe, a historic food exporter,
it has nothing to do with Communism. When the exact same policies are repeated in Hugo's mess the result is empty store shelves and crime. When faced with the reality that there are more deaths in Commie paradise than in Iraq the Cafeteria Commisar blames the Police. Then he tries to position himself as a critic of Chavez despite repeating his every point.

The mistake most of us make is that we play nice. Commies rant and rave about America and Israel and we mostly respond like William F Buckley. The time has come to quit being polite with proponents of genocide. Continued advocacy of Communism or rationalizing that it is somehow different in the Third world is genocide denial.


nanc said...

i'm practicing my "impoliteness" as i read this!

they're crazy - and as i stated to another blogger - need to be institutionalized as denying a recorded event in history is bad mental health.

Anonymous said...

I really do think they want to help people. They just don't know how. It takes more than simply having good intentions, it takes achieving good results.

Ducky's Here said...

And yet Beak still denies that the Ukrainian famine was an ethnic genocide.