Sunday, January 20, 2008

What you expect when you visit this site

There are many critics of this site. However, we honestly do not care what they think. They are free to comment as they please. We seldom if ever ban anyone and those few individuals who are banned were banned for criminal conduct, with one exception. Uptown Steve was banned because
he promised to leave if we proved a point. The point was proven and he is held to his word.

Apparently Ren thinks my anti-communism is an act. He wants to start a joint blog. Unlike some of the others I take anti communism seriously. We do not allow them in our ranks even when they agree with us. Their fantasies of a popular front may be tolerated by those less familiar with the crimes of Communists.

Communists are the mortal enemy of all decent folks on the planet. There are those who seek solace in the myth that Brand X communism has nothing to do with the historical record. The myth is quite humorous when the savior is the mass murderer and war criminal Leon Trotsky.
Sadly, there was no Nuremberg trial for Trotsky. Justice was served via Stalinist ice pick and his followers hold him up to be a visionary. Trotsky was perhaps the only victim of Stalin who deserved his fate. The rest of us should view the death of Trotsky as mafia justice. Mafioso like Communists kill their own quite frequently. However, any comparison of your local hard working mafia type to lazy communists is an insult to organized criminals everywhere.

I want to stress that the realities of Communism render all other associations irrelevant. Communism is a pseudo religious cult and this point has been made by Toynbee amongst others.
While men and women of faith like Justin, TMW and Junglemom serve their faith there is no incongruity between their identities as Christians and Americans. Serving the poor and troubled is a Christian calling and Christianity does recognize the division between the theological and civil
spheres of governance. All people are held accountable to minimal standards of behavior, from Kings to the peasant. Even the insane Kahanists do not advocate replacing the US government with a Jewish variant of theocracy.

As an American, utopians of all stripes disgust me. Respect is reserved for those who respect our
systems. Thus a Rob Bayn who is to my left is just an American with whom I disagree. Rob and I both share a common desire for our country to prosper. We are both proud Americans and share a common respect for the Constitution, values and history.

A utopian seeks to impose his criminal delusions on the rest of us. Thus Nazis seek their race based utopia by eliminationalism of inferiors. Commies seek a class based variant of this delusion and have killed, lied and stolen to further their utopia. Commies have proven to be almost as obsessed with Jews as Nazis and the Arab street. The popular front requires tapping into the groundswell of extreemist anti-semitism. Jihadis have their own variant and advocate modern Jim Crow.

If one was serious about helping the poor there is no better example than Junglemom who has dedicated her life to this. Moreover, there is a decided difference between a Jams O'Donnel or even to a lesser degree a Beatroot and a souless power mad type like Ren or the amicable but deranged Troutsky.

We do not work with Commies here. We use them as comedic props at times as they are funnier
than rubber chickens and have lower IQs.

Beamish in 08


The Pagan Temple said...

That was my idea, for you and Ren to do a blog together. You wouldn't be "working together" you would be going at each other tooth and nail. That was the idea. I still think it's a good one.

I was wanting to set it up, and then put you two on as "team members" which is just a technical blogger term. I want to put others on it as well.

I even have a tentative name for it-"The Fight Club". The only links by way of blog roll, at least initially, would be those bloggers who participate (though I would make an exception in Sonia's case, if she don't want to participate).

I've also got a header picture in mind, of a hydra. So it's not about the two of you "working together".

Ren is right about one thing, it would over time probably be a big hit, and would draw readers to both of your blogs, possibly in great numbers.

In retrospect, I think I would have two different blogrolls-one for team members, and maybe another one for other blogs.

If you change your mind, let me know. I'm telling you though, your particular style of writing, and the way you two go at each other, would make it a big hit.

beakerkin said...


I honestly have no desire to work with Ren. The whole exchange on Sonia's site was predicated on another communist cliche attack on Prescott Bush.

There have been books on everyone's tangential ties to the Holocaust including IBM. If we are going to play that game than Trotsky, Stalin and Communists played a far larger role than Prescott Bush or IBM.

The fault of the Holocaust lies with its pepetrators. It does not rest with the German or Polish people in perpetuity. I take a similar approach with slavery and the crimes against Native Americans in US history as well.

In reality I tend to ignore Ren when he is just being stupid. He has gone out of his way to engage me on neutral sites. Part of this is he can not fathom that some people loathe communism.

Ren lives in a fantasy world where
brand x communism has nothing to do with the other strains. He is very similar to the Jihadis who make a mess in every application, but never get around to asking if the problem lies in the flawed idea itself.

I stopped posting for ratings long ago. I got tired of the actual spam
from Ren's ally John Brown/LWB. I also did not bend to criminal invasion of my privacy by Ren's new ally Greg Eitan "Corpral Klinger" Divinsky.

This blog exists only for close friends like Mr B, AOW, Farmer, Sonia and many others. From its inception this blog has always reflected my positions, with one error. I mistakenly toned down my
two decades loathing of Kahanists for the sake of mutual friends. This error was corrected and we treat them appropriately.

If you want that type of blog Sonia
is more than up to the task. In many ways her comments are more extreeme than mine minus the tone.

beatroot said...

So you have a 'moderator' on..... Beak, you are a twat.

beakerkin said...


As Ren's close friends John Brown/LWB
and insane Eitan spam this blog it is
has been the new reality. The comments are not censored and we do
allow much more personal attacks than do Ren or yourself.

We do not allow criminal threats at this site. Nor do we allow posters without blogs in most cases. We do keep John Brown/ LWB, Eitan the psycho and his pal Gert snagglepuss
off this site. They were banned for conduct not comments. John Brown was banned after many warnings about spam and racial epithets such
as calling Native Americans Sambos.

kuhnkat said...

Beak wrote:

"Serving the poor and troubled is a Christian calling and Christianity does recognize the division between the theological and civil spheres of governance."

A good post might be on how the Leftist Evangelicals and other Leftist Christan Sects manage to explain how extortion, er, taxation was supported by scripture.

Basically, how do they justify the coercion whether it be a local gang, er, social club, to a One World Organisation (soviet) FORCING people to GIVE or HELP their brother!!


nanc said...

enough with the bashing of rubber chickens!

beak - they have feelings too...

if kuhnkat comes back, there is a chore we have for him - ala mission impossible - if he's willing.

kuhnkat said...

It's been impossible for me to complete a mission yet!!!



nanc said...

kuhnkat - check my top post at curtains and then head on over to the instable one's site - you'll smell what i'm steppin' in...

it took awhile, but it finally happened (think "queen" "i'm slightly mad").


Jungle Mom said...

Thanks again Beak!
I receive far more than I give.