Monday, January 14, 2008

For Those of you in Fantasy Land

Some of you have doubted Code Pink is a Communist front group. The Miami chapter of Code Pinko organized a protest in Little Havana against Posada Carilles. What does this man have to do with the Iraq War? Posada Carilles has nothing to do with the Iraq War and this is another example of Commies using a front group to push their agenda.

Posada Carriles was tried for the crimes in question in Venezuela and found innocent. The Code Pinko commies knowingly seek extradition with the full knowledge that he will be tortured. Moreover, this torture is not panties on the head and listening to Barney.

The Cuban community responded in predictable fashion. Of course the commies did what they always do whenever two Cuban Americans gather, they ran. Of course at the rate things are going
there will be plenty of Venezuelans, Bolivians and Nicaraguans with the same message as the noble Cuban Americans.

Beamish in 08


Juan Cuellar said...

You must know that Howard Simon, Executive Director of ACLU-Florida, was involve with Medea Benjamin in the Versalles demonstration of CodePink. After they ran from the Versalles they went to Cuban agent Max Lesnick offices of Alianza Martiana where Howard Simon was waiting for them. The ACLU sue is expected. The police did not offer enough protection, so they say and the media reported, falsely the accusation. That was the plan. The ACLU want to make a point: Money! by extortion of the facts.

See Por Cuba y para Cuba (in spanish) for detail

Anonymous said...

pink is just another shade of roja rojita

nanc said...

i have NEVER denied that code stink is a communist org - where else would a leader name herself after "medea" who killed her own children to get back at her husband?

Ducky's Here said...

Wow, protesting against a terrorist means you're a commie. Or is it that protesting against a terrorist so long as it's one that isn't perceived to threaten Israel makes you a commie?

sonia said...


protesting against a terrorist

Please, don't make me laugh. If Posada Carilles had bombed an American airplane, Code Pink would be out defending him. They are the real hypocrites.

beakerkin said...


Do not insult our intelligence. The protests have zero to do with terrorism. These idiots are lucky they didn't get tarred and feathered.
Moreover, the folks at Code Pink deserve this treatment.